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Friday, September 4, 2009


Well, we got the call today! God-willing, we'll be bringing home our little boy or girl within the next year!!! We got accepted after moving our application up the ranks! We know that the agency was "on the fence" but we got accepted! That's all that matters and God made it happen (and our great friends who provided references for us!)

As I took the call from behind a barb-wire fence at work, I had the most out-of-body experience of my life! I honestly don't remember much of what she said to me! I called Lee and he was elated! How exciting to know that God has taken a couple who cannot have their own baby so far, to the far reaches of the earth to the baby He has planned to be for them to love!

The long paperwork process begins... It doesn't look so bad right now, the money is the frightening part! But we feel our move to Salt Lake City, will afford us to help pay for this wonderful event! Its a bit daunting to start but we love the new life we're starting and the family we will have! Thank you for praying for us on this journey! :)