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Thursday, February 16, 2012


Here are a few more photos of our little doll during her first month of life.
Grammy and Grampy
Pretty girl
Hanging with my puppy dog friend (from Aunt Jenaynay) :)
Sleepy Monkey
Lil' Cuppy Cake
Ready to go on my first walk!
Oh Dad. Please do not subject me to this.
LOVE my hooded towels. They make it all better.
Cuppy Cake!
Time for Nigh Nigh
Daisie standing guard!
Lil Snowbunny
Ain't nutting getting by my furry sister!
Sleeping beauty
Look at those eyes and brows! IDENTICAL!
All dressed for her 3 week appt.
Crunchie Munchie outfit
Let's go!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

One Month of Firsts

We simply cannot fathom that an entire month has passed since our precious miracle was brought to us. We have watched her grow by leaps and bounds and love all the learning and growth she displays.
This child was only groggy for the first few days! She is so alert and others have commented on that fact. Her eyes are wide and gleaming dark blue. They sparkle and widen when we sing, laugh and read her nightly stories. We read from her baby Bible nightly and she is always awake to listen. It calms her after a traumatic bath and she knows that its story time and she can relax. She is a Joy.
We have noticed she is loving her Jungle Gym, a gift from Grammy and Grampy. She looks at the animals and can easily turn her head from side to side and kicks like crazy. Tummy Time typically sets her into a rage, so sessions are short and sweet. This child LOVES to be held CONSTANTLY. She falls asleep and I think it might be an opportune moment to run and take a shower, or even use the restroom. Nope, the second I place her in the swing or bouncy seat (even if I bring her with me) she screams. Lee says she hears my voice and fusses and most of the time Mommy can comfort her. She LOVES to stare with those big blue eyes into mine and I love it.
Macie knows the songs I sang to her in the womb. Nearly daily was the same playlist and songs included "Jesus Loves the Little Children," "Jesus Loves Me" and "He's got the Whole World In His Hands." From the first day we got her home and I sang the song, her eyes widened and she began to kick. I sang these to her and she ALWAYS kicked during "Jesus Loves the Little Children." I would tell her about her Ethiopian Brother so her kicks always increased during the part that says "Red and Yellow, Black and White, they are precious in His sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world." She KNOWS the song. Proof to me that she heard me in the womb. To this day those songs comfort her so. I will love when I hear her little voice sing them along with me.
Speaking of voices, she is discovering hers. Just tonight, Lee and I laid her in her crib for the first time and noticed she was cooing. She would open her mouth and we'd hear her breath and then she'd later "accidentally" make a "Ha" sound. I said "Tell your Daddy Hi" and she said "HYEEE." She has yet to put together that she can make the sound come but I can see the lightbulb turning on. I LOVE to hear her voice at any time, but non-crying times are so darn cute. :)
I LOVE to cuddle with her. When Lee brings her to me when he leaves for work she cuddles with me in bed after eating and its the best. Even though I barely sleep due to her MANY sounds, its my favorite time of day. She is quite the cuddler...
Her doctors appointments have shown that she is growing fast! She eats like a champ and her doctor was surprised that she had gone from 30 ml of milk to 60 at our 3 day visit! Well folks, she typically eats over 100 ml at a feeding and it shows! A week after birth she was up to 6 pounds from 5 pounds 13 oz. so didn't lose much weight! Then, at 3 weeks she was at 7 pounds 5 ounces! I bet she is upwards of 9 pounds by now. She is growing sooooo fast and her newborn clothes are fitting snugly which makes mommy VERY SAD. Luckily she has the most clothes in the 0-3 months category.
We recently saw her smile for real. She smiled at daddy on the changing table when he said "Thanks for the big poo baby girl" and when he did "ski jump" with her legs. I get smiles when feeding her and holding her in the daytime. Her smile is SO pretty!
So much more I could tell you. I notice something new everyday.
Instead I will share my favorite things about her and some pics of her "Firsts."
1. The way she squeaks. She makes the funniest grunts and noises but my favorite is her squeaking!
2. The way she stretches and pushes her neck out like ET. :) She often stretches with just one arm. ADORABLE.
3. Her Big Blue Eyes
4. Her little button nose
5. Her widows peak hairline (like mom)
6. Her pouty "cheerio" mouth
7. Her pink lips
8. Her cry, yes, its cute. :)
9. Her tush (its the cutest!)
10. The perfectly shaped redish heart-shaped birthmark on her left butt cheek
11. Her long long toes and fingers
12. Her little muscular arms
13. The way she looks in bows
14. The way she smiles after a big poo
15. The way her hooded towel instantly calms her after a bath.
16. Her fuzzy hair.
17. The way she smells in lavender lotion
Oh so much more....
First Valentines Day
First Valentines "Nigh Nigh"
First outfit at home
First Walk

First snowsuit
First family pic
First babysitter :-)
Add ImageFirst Fancy Outfit
First Shoes
First Bible tht Daddy reads to baby every night
First Bath-NO LIKE IT!
First time in my room with Mama
First Stuffed Animal (Lamb from Amy Lankutis) and First Furry Sister :)
First Polka-Dots (from Aunt Holly)
First basketball game with Daddy (and first College outfit-Univ. of AZ for Daddy)
First Car Ride (home from Hospital)
Her first "real" walk at the Big Park! :)

First real outing (quick walk at the big park) and first pic with Mom and Dad in public