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Thursday, June 28, 2012

And the numbers are in...

Praising God for the movement within our adoption community!  After not having moved up one spot in MONTHS, we suddenly raced up the list this week as 11, count em' ELEVEN referrals came through our agency!  Some were little baby boys, some girls and some 3-5 year olds!  YIPPEEEEE!!!!!  So drumroll please....


(we started at #48 and got to 38 and then went back up to 42 for the longest time!)


We debuted on this list at #52.


We started this list at 28 (we're taking ourselves off of this one.  Can't handle two more! :)

A few things to note...the girl list was at a standstill for over a year and now we've surpassed the number of boy referrals for girls!  The sibling list that tends to be SLOWER than molasses is now speeding fast!  All in all, we've had more movement this past week than we have in over a year!

The rainy season is coming in August will close the courts which will slow everything down.  The Embassy is still slow as is the court system.  But whatever the reason, we're all basking in the glory of God speeding us up the list this week!  We love to see families who have been at the top of the list for months FINALLY get their referrals! :)  WOO HOO!!!!

Please join us in praying that we have our little Ethiopian Prince home by next summer! :)  Oh, the thought sends chills up and and down my spine!  We are so grateful for this time we've had with Macie Faith but we are soooo ready to have this little guy too!  I have an aching in my heart as one of my children is missing!  He needs to be home to make us complete! :) 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Park City!

Well, we decided to take a MUCH NEEDED escape to Park City over Memorial weekend.  Life has been moving at record speed and we feel like ships passing in the night most days.  We decided to leave the city for an escape without distractions, chores and work.  We thought it would be fun to shop, go downtown to a nice dinner and take Macie Faith swimming for the first time! :)  It was SO nice to get refreshed before returning to the grind!  Just what the doc' ordered!

 Macie in her new swimsuit Mommy got at the outlets
 Yeay swimming!
 Swimming with Mommy :)
 Floating on my new raft :)

 Not sure about this...

 Dinner out
Swimming=tuckered out!

This little video was taken when we were getting ready to leave :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

5 Month Update!

We are amazed at how the passage of time brings an infinite number of developments in an infant!  Just as one skill is mastered, it is quickly replaced by a new discovery.  This could not be more true for sweet Macie Faith.  She rediscovers her hands on a daily basis.  She stares and smiles as she explores her fingertips, fingernails and sucks excitedly on them.  Her foot miraculously fit in her mouth (Oh to be that flexible) and she rolls up like a roly poly! She has become mobile and often rolls out of her bouncy seat and across the floor and bed (YIKES!)  She prefers NOT to be restricted and it seems time to open the pack-n-play as mommy can no longer lie her on the bed while getting ready in the bathroom.  We have now found her sleeping soundly on her stomach and scratching her fingernails on the crib bumper.  She pats mommy during a feeding, holds mommy or daddy's hand and touches our mouths.  She delights when we make noises with her hand in our mouths like "BO BO BO or MA MA MA"  She giggles and squeals when we toss her in the air and smiles at EVERYONE!  She blows raspberries and makes little tootie sounds.  She also has begun to turn pages of her books!  This actually happened closer to 4 months of age.  She began sticking her tongue out and panting and when we talked to our daycare sitter she said her girls watch a dog on a video that pants and they walk around imitating the dog.  Macie is imitating them!  She repeats the sounds we make the same number of times that we make them and imitates us when we stick out our tongue and smile.  Folks, we think we have a genius on our hands! :)

She loves to play and talk to her animals.  She is SO social!  She will smile at doctors, smile at the lady at the grocery store and has discovered her furry sister Daisie.  She can be quite dramatic, fussing until someone comes to play with her and then smiling and giggling. 

No check-up for 5 months but we did have one at about 4.5.  She weighed 13 pounds even and was 23.5 inches long!  She moved from 20%ile in weight to 50%ile!  And the poor thing developed RSV so when we took her to the doctor she weighed 13 pounds and 6 ounces less than two weeks later!  She is growing so fast and has filled out.  She is a happy, healthy, amazing kid. 

We think we will have a sweet, smiley, bubbly little one on our hands and we wouldn't want it any other day.

Macie Faith is a perfect example of God's artistry.  We are noticing His craftsmanship in different ways.  Macie has the SAME exact folds in her inside elbow that Mommy has (one on the left, two on the right), can raise her right eyebrow like Daddy (Mommy can't do it!), has Daddy's fingernails and Mommy's toenails, and has the beginnings of dimples on her cheeks like Mommy (hoping they stay)!  Her hairline is Mommy's and she can roll and twist her tongue like only Daddy can.  Oh how we love discovering more every day!

I have continued to enjoy cuddling.  It is my all-time favorite activity of my life.  I love getting her in the morning, bringing her back to bed, nursing and snuggling and falling back asleep!  I wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING!!!

Here are LOTS of pictures and videos of our precious girl.  Luckily the videos are not long...Just LOVE this girl! :)

Sweet baby girl
Garden Daddy made us, can't wait to make baby food!

Ready for Daddy's softball game in jeans from Aunt Julie Pedlar Dineen
Little Blue-eyed girl
Glow Seahorse from Grammy that Macie LOVES

5 month photo shoot!
This is a classic Macie Faith flirty smile!
Playing with Daddy
A moment Daddy captured

Sick sick girl with RSV

Time with Daddy


Even sick she is sooo happy!
Oooooh, Paper!
Possibly Mommy's fave' ever picture of Macie!

We tried cereal this month!  Grammy and Grampy were in town.  She LOVES it and did so great!  By the third night she was eating perfectly with a spoon!

This video is a perfect example of our sweet girl's talents.  In this one she makes tootie noises, grabs her feet, blows raspberries and talks up a storm. :)  CLASSIC MACIE FAITH.

Another video of cereal

Macie LOVES to be tossed in the air!

Walking with Daddy :)

Talking to Mommy

More Gibber Gabber

Gabbin' away

4 month update!

I'm a little behind on updating you as to what we've been up to.  We did not have a check-up at the doctor this month, but we know this little squirt is either growing or her jammies are shrinking!  I have a hard time deciding to move up to size 3-6 months or just keep putting her in her 0-3s that still fit!  No joke when I say an outfit looks too big one day and I put it on her a couple days later and it barefly fits!  Oh how I wish I could stop the hands of time...Its enough to make you wanna have another... :)  NOT YET!

My friend Vickie made me the COOLEST binder to keep track of what she does.  It has folders for storing keepsakes and calendars for each month to write down whta Macie is doing on the day she first does it.  Then later I'll easily be able to complete her album and scrapbooks. :) 

Here are a few things she is doing!

Macie can now hold anything and everything you give her.  She rolls over and often gets herself stuck on her tummy and can't get back over.  One day she even began holding her bottle.  She LOVES monkeys!  I'm not kidding!  She stares at her monkey feet on her monkey jammies, loves her monkey from the play gym, loves the musical monkey Grammy got her and loves her sock monkey from her cousin Tyler.  This was NOT something we pushed on her, she naturally loves them!  Lee loves monkeys too so we think its genetic! :) 

Daycare has helped her development.  Not only is she doing new things (that we've made our sitter NOT tell us about to let us see it for the first time ourselves), but she imitates Maliya and Macin, her little daycare friends.  Its easier to leave her there because she smiles and giggles when she arrives.  Her little personality is emerging everyday.  She is SUCH a smiley, happy girl and LOVES to talk and hear herself.  She emits anything from squeals, squeaks and screams to quiet, sweet whispers and coos.  Sometimes she simply whimpers because she wants someone to play with her.  She pants when she sees her bottle.  We love her little voice! She pulls her pacifier in and out herself.  And the list goes on and on and on... 

The best thing that happened this month was when I was holding her upright and she laid her head on my shoulder.  Not to burp or because I held her but just to cuddle.  MELT.  MY.  HEART. 

 Discovering my feet on the way to church

 I can grab my feet!

 I'm 4 months???
 I am 4 months!
 My wonderful in-laws sent me these BEAUTIFUL flowers for Mother's Day!  What a beautiful surprise!
 Macie loves the flowers too!
 Wearing my Carlsbad sweatshirt from Grandpa Tommy and Grandma Jane
 I can hold my bottle!
 First trip to Ethiopian Restaurant!  Gotta get ready for my brother! YUMMMO!
 Changing the stroller bassinet into a seat :)  Happy little girl
Hanging with Mama