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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just couldn't resist

I went a little crazy on They have an amazing line of Ethiopian adoption tshirts and stuff. I wanted it ALL. I couldn't decide on a tshirt so I desiged our own! Our logo is on the tshirts, and of course there is a onesie! :) I hope they turn out and I can't wait to wear them! I'm hanging the onesie on the wall in the office where the adoption headquarters are located. I wish I knew what our baby is gonna be, but maybe its good I don't know, as I'd go crazy at baby stores! :) So, I'll settle for unisex stuff for now. Grammie already brought baby two sets of with cute circus animals and one with bears, tents and camping stuff. SOOOO cute. This is fun! I can't wait until Im legit---shopping at Baby Target with a child in the cart! :) WOO HOO!

So, here's to keeping our eyes on the prize...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

PASSION-What gene did God give YOU?

Jonah, a little boy in one of my preschool classes, has become my favorite. He runs to sit on the "heart" spot next to me each week. He clings to me and asks me to watch what he does! "Coach Kylie, watch me do this." "Coach Kylie I can do that." I love him. He's my favorite. He has dreadlocks. He's African-American. Surprised?

Today I realized, as I drove home, I have ALWAYS had a love of little "black babies." Since I was little I loved them. I was fascinated by them from the moment I entered the public school system. I remember coming home from Kindergarten to ask mom if I would turn black if I touched the little black boy sitting next to me in circle time. I was enamored by them and it never ended.

God plants seeds in all of us and gives us passions. For some, it is the homeless, and getting out to feed them. For others, it is mission trips overseas, and sharing the truth with those abroad. For others, it is helping pregnant teenage moms. The list goes on and on and to each one He cultivates our gifts to best be used for these passions. It is finding our passions that is the struggle sometimes.

I have 4. Writing, Jewish Missions, nature and black babies. Each passion was cultivated from a young age. From writing poems, to being picked to write a speech at my high school graduation, to whipping out a college paper in 30 minutes, to the volumes of writings and poetry on my shelves, to the start of my book, God has told me, when and how to go forward. Jewish Missions seems a bit far fetched for a girl from Kansas, but in 8th grade a seed was planted. I did an entire unit on Jewish holidays and the Holocaust and was fascinated by Anne Frank. I couldn't get enough and Fiddler on the Roof became my favorite musical. Discovering Jewish ministry, God's plan and heart for the Jews, traveling to Israel and finally, using my dance training to start an Israeli dance troupe. Living in Colorado, graduate school in Flagstaff,the mountains in Utah, hiking, biking, skiing, sitting by a mountain stream? It is where I'm most at peace, have my best chats with God and write my best stuff. Coincidence? I think not.

And now, looking back, I'd never have thunk it. My love of little black children (especially boys) has always been there. Walking around with their big brown eyes, smooth brown skin and little afros. My eye is always drawn to them and they have always been my favorites.

I truly believe in my heart of hearts, that God gives us genes for different passions. Of late, I have learned quickly that my strongest is for adoption. The others come and go, fading at times to be outshone by another temporarily, until God swoops in and fuels the flame once again. For now, I will not rest until we bring our little "black baby" home.

Can you imagine? Me, on a hike in Colorado, my adopted child on my back, a journal in my pack, dancing and writing in God's creation? It brings tears to my eyes. I simply cannot imagine being more in my element.

So God, use us, pave the way, provide the finances, give us peace, endurance, courage, strength, and most of all, continue to infuse us with Your PASSION.