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Sunday, December 6, 2009

So....How much does an Adoption Cost?

Well, thanks to our dear friend Clint, we have an official logo for our adoption fundraisier! Clint took some words I wrote and incorporated them into an Africa design for tshirts, shopping bags, and anything else! We worked long and hard with Clint and we absolutely love the result! We will be selling reusable shopping bags. We intend to use an altered "Christmas" version for our cards this year.

There are days where I almost give up and lose steam. I think of the insurmountable amount of money it will take to pay to bring our child home. I feel guilty to have a fundraiser and ask others to help us but I know deep down that many want to be a part of this undertaking, and their help will be part of us completing our family. We trust that God will supply the funds somehow if this is His will, which we believe it to be. We have to humble ourselves and realize that God may have a wonderful plan to bless others wanting to help and that we aren't necessarily responsible for the entire cost of adoption.

So you ask....How much does an adoption cost?

I borrowed an idea from another blog, and calcuated the cost of some everyday items. This gives you an idea of how much it will cost for us to bring our child home.

1 adoption equals

6250 Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes

1000 dinners at Applebees

159 pairs of designer jeans

50 months (or 4 years) of groceries

36 42" LCD flat panel TVs

and finally.....

1 Subaru Outback (because we drive a Subaru)

So...the total of these items is approximately....


Yes, that seems a great sum to spend to have a child. But when you've been waiting for as long as we have and have drawn the line at extensive fertility studies and treatments, it seems like a small price to pay to complete your family. And, considering there are 148 million orphans (enough to fill the Denver Broncos Mile High Stadium like 2000 times) and that most are "invisible" to the rest of the world, how can we not help? How can we not scrimp and save and ask others to help us? It seems a small sum of money to bring a child to a forever family that would otherwise have no one to call 'Mommy' and 'Daddy.' My deepest desire in the bottom of my heart is to be a mother. At times I admit that I lose hope and think its never going to happen. Then, I get a resurgance of faith and hope in my spirit that allows me to trudge forward. I know we are in the very beginning stages. We had some money saved to get started but our move to Utah, and subsequent lack of pay for a month, has caused us to use much of our adoption (and other) savings for living expenses. So, we humbly ask for two things.

1) Can you pray with us? This is the most important request we have. That you would pray alongside us in our journey.

2) Can you spare a few dollars to purchase some AWESOME reusable shopping
bags to help bring our child home? :)

We love you and thank you ahead of time for your help and mostly for your prayers which we believe will move our journey forward.
Contact me if you are interested.