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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Meet Macie Party!

My AMAZING co-worker gals threw me a "Meet Macie" party tonight. We had a YUMMY pot luck with AMAZING vegan cupcakes. No milk for me, and no gluten. They were DELICIOUS! :) After all, we ARE health counselors... :)

We were showered with more gifts and blessings and it was especially fun because my girls got to hold Macie! :) Believe me, she was passed around! She was a trooper and slept for most of it. :) Of course there were oooohs and awwws galore!
I have been absolutely DREADING going back to work. In fact, I get physically ill thinking about it. I can't imagine letting anyone else care for my precious angel. But, I am blessed by the AMAZING girls I get to work with! The job and company are just blah, but its so true that people can make or break a job! Seeing their pretty faces daily definitely makes it for me! :) They will be my support when I have to leave my Macie girl....I just LOOOOOOOOVE these girls!

TO. DIE. FOR. Tutu dress

Blankie with "krinkle" from Janet
Happy Hippo from Lisa P-P
Sunglasses and hair accessories
Sound Lamb from Karlee and Kara
Cami and Macie
Chelly-belly (Michelle, the hostest with the mostest!)
The girls...
Cami and Janette
Kara/my cubie partner (LOVE THIS LADY!) and Janette
Karlee and Janette. My fashionistas!
Hanging out with the gals and Macie
Michelle (this girl makes the BEST Nacho queso, vegan, no dairy! It tastes like REAL QUESO! Yummmm for this cheeseless girl!)
TEAM J! Marygrace, Karlee, Kara, Me and Michelle with Macie
Me and my work bestie, Janette. Love this ray of sunshine! She is Macie's Auntie JJ!
Macie LOVED Kara!
Macie all decked out for St. Pat's day AND the party! :)
What a GREAT night for me and my gal! We are blessed!!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Here are a few videos of the past two months! Sorry SO many of them. They are short and I am planning to show this to the kiddos one day so wanted them all in one place! :)

Macie LOVES her gym from Grammie and Grampie!

Grandmommy and Papa come to town

We were blessed to have Lee's mom Gail come to visit for a week! She cooked wonderful meals and brought tons of food with her! We ate good, spicy, yummy goodies! She also encouraged me to use my slow cooker again for easy dinners! :) I think Gail bought out the entire Carter's store! Such cute stuff! :) Thank you Grandmommy for spoiling our little one!
On Wednesday I took Gail to see Lee's office and she was very proud and impressed (it IS impressive!) Ken, Lee's stepdad, also arrived that night so it was fun to catch up and let him meet Macie Faith. It was nice to have them here to help cuddle Daisie so I could do some laundry, go to some appointments and start my thank you notes (FINALLY!)
We were super excited that they decided to go to Zion National Park and stay at Buffalo Mountain Ranch where we went for our Baby Moon on their way home!
We were sad to see them go... :(
Lounging with Grandmommy. Daisie had to jump in the picture too!
Showing Grandmommy my toys!
Mother earth and baby girl :)
Grandmommy and baby Macie
Grandmommy Gail and Papa

Visit from Toone Grandparents, and Aunt Nay Nay and Jason!

Lee's Dad and Stepmom, Tommy and Jane came to visit and meet their grandaughter before heading up to ski in Deer Valley. Lee's little sister Jennifer and her fiance' Jason, came down from Idaho to join us. They are getting married soon and are exploring venues in Salt Lake! :) Fun!
We always eat WELL when the Toones come to town. The first night we went to a Mexican joint down the street called La Hacienda. Afterwards, we ventured over to See's Chocolates/Candy (which was conveniently next door-Jane thought she may have found heaven...Mexican and Chocolate side-by-side!)
On Saturday we visited and then met them at Tuscany, after they met with their wedding coordinator at the restaurant. This is a very fancy, beautiful Italian place with a BEAUTIFUL interior (yes you feel like you are in Italy) and gorgeous garden exterior. They boast an 18 page wine list and exquisite food. Lee and I had been here before and LOVED visiting again! We enjoyed a wonderful blend of red wines, bruschetta, wonderful entrees, homemade bread and AMAZING chocolate cake! YUM!

On Sunday morning we joined the family at their hotel for breakfast before bidding them adieu.
Macie's first Mexican Restaurant! Yum!
Grandpa, Macie and Daisie :)
Aunt Nay Nay
Happy Grandparents!

First Fancy Restaurant!
Aunt "Nay Nay" and Jason
Grandma and Macie
Grandma, Grandpa and Macie Faith
Jennifer and Jason are thinking of having their wedding and reception there! :) Can I do mine again!? :)
Happy Grandparents

Lil' Toone Family
The whole fam'!

2 month update!

Two Month Update!

Macie has grown by leaps and bounds! At her 2 month appointment she weighed in at:
9 pounds, 7 ounces! 22 inches long! :)
She went from the 20% percentile to 25%! Grow Macie Grow!
It's hard to believe that exactly 2 months ago she was 5 pounds, 13 ounces and 18.5 inches long!
We have watched her develop and learn and grow, almost before our eyes. She has outgrown many of her onesies and outfits that she only wore a couple of times. :( Makes this mommy SAD! She is busy, and has quickly become bored laying with us with a view of the ceiling. :) She enjoys different rooms, LOVES her play gym (see videos on other post) and sitting facing the room. She also enjoys her toys, kicking her monkey in the gym, and watching the light and ceiling fans. :) She's absorbing everything! She is doing well at night, we have a great routine of bath, Bible, and bottle, and she goes right down in her crib, no problem by 10. We have some good nights of 6 hour sleep stints, and we get excited until she has a night where she awakens at 2,4,6,8. *Sigh* :) She loves to go on walks, ride in the car (zzzzzzz) and cuddling with Daddy. She is smiley and loves to cuddle. She is getting much more fun! :)

Photo Shoot with Daddy

Visit from Auntie J
Auntie J LOVES the cuppy!
a visit from Aunt Shannie
Happy Heart Day!
Nigh Nigh (thank you for the sleeper grammy!)
Melt. My. Heart.
Beauty in Blue
My favorite smile ever
I do NOT have tied tongue!

Sleeping beauty
Precious sleeping angel!
Smiling (outfit from Katie Johnson) :)
"Tutu Cute" (outfit from Julie Macha in Colorado)

Hurley girl!
Grabbing my rattle at the gym!
Wearing her "going home from the hospital outfit" but its getting small. Sniff sniff
Daddy/daughter office day!
Sweet Face!
First play date with bestie Lucy!
Stepping out...
My favorite picture ever!
At the gym!