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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Happy Hair!

Oh how I love this! The creator of Sesame Street adopted a daughter from Ethiopia and created a new character. This makes my heart HAPPY after all the heart breaking that God does to me everyday. I love all the websites for "vanilla" parents caring for "chocolate" hair. HAPPY HAPPY HAIR! SESAME STREET YOU GO!!!!

To watch videos, scroll to the music player on the right and click "Pause" so you can here the videos.

Steven Curtis Chapman - All I Really Want

Lee and I were talking about our birthdays and Christmas. We talked about what we want. We agreed material things are trivial. We just can't get into that stuff when there are 143million orphans in the world. With NOTHING. I told him not to give me ANYTHING but a card and instead we could save that money for our child. All I want in the world is to have our paperwork be in Ethiopia. All I want in the world is to hold my sweet child in my arms. Nothing else matters and I truly mean it. There is nothing we need but to be parents. NOTHING.

Do YOU have room in your HEART?

Why do I do it? I pray it over and over again. It is soooo scary. The most scary prayer I've EVER prayed and yet I pray it often. Everytime I'm petrified after. It is so much easier to live in denial. But then, He does it again. He shows me His Heart. And Breaks Mine. And it HURTS. And I'm addicted.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We're featured!

A dear adoption friend featured us in their adoption blog this week!

Carmen and her hubby Garth live in Nebraska. We have a bit of a rivalry when it comes to Big 12 football! They are an awesome family! Hope we can travel together!

We're flattered to be their featured family :)
Tee Hee. *Blush*

We are LOVING our adoption community! My Facebook obsession has quickly changed to adoption blogs and our online support community! I LIVE for the emails saying that families have received referrals, court dates and paper pregnancies!
Thanks Carmen! Check out their blog, they have the CUTEST africa magnets! :)
I have two on my fridge! :)
You can also purchase a puzzle piece to finish their Africa puzzle.
So. much. fun.
Such. Great. Friends.

So blessed to have "met" Carmen via our agency support group. We're in this together!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Adoption Grocery Bag Fundraiser-Round Two!

Now that we've expanded our adoption support community, we've decided to make another push for our grocery bag fundraiser! We are CLOSE to getting our paperwork done, but with that comes a bill for $7700! We are working hard and saving fast and furiously, but we still will be a bit short if we want to get our paperwork in by Christmas and be "paper pregnant." So we're doing a little contest of sorts. Basically, YOU can win bags (these are AWESOME for grocery shopping or carting things around-I use mine as a gym bag!) by helping us spread the word and sharing our adoption message "I helped bring one HOME." There are several ways to do so!

1. Post about our bags on your blog (and send me a message that you did!)

2. Post about our bags on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking site (and send me a message that you did)

3. Send an email about our adoption to your friends or family (and send me a message that you did!)

4. Tell someone at your work, school, neighborhood, church about it (and let me know you did!)

All will get you entries into a drawing for 5, yes, that's right, FIVE FREE bags!

So, for example: If you tell 5 people, you get 5 entries. If you tell 2 people, send an email, post on FB, post on your blog, you'll get 5 entries! So even if you can't donate, you can help us spread the word!

We have been suggesting $10 a bag, but we will let people tell us how many they want when they donate. We have about 50 left, so we're hoping to get rid of every last one!

If you would like to purchase bags, you'll see the bag picture on the right panel of our blog, with a paypal, secure "donate" tab, or message me and I can give you our address to send a check!

Above all, we still covet your prayers as we know prayer is powerful and God will provide for this adoption! He has confirmed time and time again that this is His will. We trust in Him alone!

If you help us, you can email me at or message me on Facebook.