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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Daisie Simcha

I have been working on a book. I have wanted to write a book for as long as I can remember, but was not sure what I would write about. I dabbled with an idea for a children's book, and spent months developing concepts and researching to see what had already been done. Despite all the time I'd spent, it seemed quite forced and did not feel right. Then, I realized that I would write about our adoption journey, our life's lessons and what God has taught us. So, I began writing and the words poured. Writing is the one thing in my life that brings me the most excitement and joy. If I could write full-time for a living, I absolutely would. I'm not sure that I am any good at it, but it is my passion. So, this is a chapter from my "book." It is all about our dog and what she God has taught me through her.

After visiting my local pet store twice weekly for a year, I became known by my first name. The staff would ask me on a regular basis “Kylie, is this the day for you to buy your baby?” Money was tight so I could never justify buying a dog for $1200 but I was doing my research and praying unceasingly about just the dog for me. I was single and going through a hard time in my life and knew that a dog was just the ticket. I researched breeds and temperaments, shedders and yippers and finally came to the conclusion that the perfect dog for me was a Lhasa Apso. After about a year of falling in love with dogs in the pet store, I began to call about ads in the paper. One day I received a call from a lady whom I had already called. Previously, she said that all her puppies had been purchased, but today she said one dog had been brought back because it had an infection from a sticker that had scratched her eye. My first thought was that this was not going to work but I agreed to view the dog. The night before, I made a trip to PetSmart where I bought several items for her, just in case. I drove down to a grocery store and there she was, my angel from God. That little fluff ball stole my heart. I took her home immediately and adored her beyond measure. After meeting Lee, he quickly became her Daddy and she was the center of our attentions. To this day, I look at her and realize that I have never loved something so much and I cannot imagine having my own child and the love that would pour from me. She is my b’rocha (blessing) and gift from God. Her middle name is the Hebrew for joy (Simcha), because she encapsulated my heart in a short period of time and brings me joy every single day. If I love an animal so much, how could I contain my love for a child of my own? This little puppy, that was abandoned and unloved because of a small imperfection had become the perfect addition to my family. I began to see a direct link between my love for her and the love that God has for each of us. The orphans are abandoned, unloved and injured and He loves them all the more for it. He said he will never forsake ANY of us, especially the orphans and widows. They hold a special place in His heart. Here was this little angel of a dog who grew my heart until it was about to burst with love. She was here to teach me in the tiniest of ways how God loved me immeasurably more than I could even begin to love her. Can you imagine how much his heart overflows with love for each of us? Amazing.