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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

First Professional Photo Shoot!


Although we had to leave Macie in the hospital overnight without us, we welcomed her home on January 14th, a beautiful Saturday.
The MANY flowers that welcomed her home! LtoR: Flowers from the girls at work(complete with Rhinestones on the gerberas!) (Cami/Shannon/Janette/Michelle/Josh and Lisa), Vickie, Gramie and Grandpie (pink Daisies), the flowers from Holly, Amy and Jen, my besties, and the beautiful bouquet from Grandma Jane and Grandpa Tommy.
She was welcomed home to her beautiful room, FINALLY!

New changing table
Not a fan of the changing table! :)
Awww, finally! DREAM COME TRUE!
Me resting, showered (yay!) and cuddling with baby girl!
First sponge bath!
Cupcake sleeper from Aunt Jenny, Uncle Javier and Cruz! She is our cupcake!
Snuggling with Grammie
Going out on a date (just Mommy and Daddy) but first, family pics!

Grammie and Grampie with Macie!

The Girls: Mom, me, Macie and Daisie

Pretty girl in her new outfit from Grammie!

Getting ready to come home!

Putting on my new outfit to go home!
Talking to Dr. Boettger once more to make sure she's ok to go home!
Little sweater outfit!
Snuggly wuggly!
Ready to go!
Daisie meeting her sister! She wagged her tail and kissed her!
Wag Wag Wag!

Changing table-first diaper change at home!
In her stroller bassinet. We use this for her to sleep now! :)


LOVE this pic! Its her Pediatrician Dr. Boettger checking her. He came to the hospital SIX times to check her! We found him through our friend Tracy, who just got home with her 4 Ethiopian kiddos. This man has been her 5 bio kids pediatrician and is now the Dr. of her 4 adopted kids! He is old school, a Christian and just great. :)
One of the first moments I got to see her. They took her from me after 30 seconds, so this was it!

Me and My girl...
Love her! Saw the Bow and how pretty she is and knew "Macie" was the only name for her...
Love her!

Daddy SO loves me!

Awww, Skin to Skin

Mommy and Me
Grammie Loves me!
Lil' Munch :)

Daddy and Macie
Our celebration dinner. :) It was neat, fancy food and decorations. :)
Flowers from my girls at work and Vickie :)
Flowers from Holly, Jenny and Amy-my BFFs!
Flowers from Grandma Jane and Grandpa Tommy