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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


God has blessed me with amazing friends. We are all scattered throughout the US, but it never seems like any time has passed when we are together. This past weekend we were invited by Amy and Brett to join a group of cool people on a trip to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons! We were excited because we've been needing a reason to go (as if we need a reason other than we live close...DUH---its Yellowstone! :)

We left Friday afternoon, hung out on Friday night, hit the park early on Saturday for about 12 hours of sightseeing and several hours of hiking, had dinner at the cabin, headed out early on Sunday to watch the sunrise in the park and do more sightseeing, dinner in West Yellowstone, and back to the cabin for a little dance party. Monday we all left early and Lee and I headed through Grand Tetons and had lunch in Jackson, Wyoming.

SUPER FUN TRIP and I LOVED seeing my Amy! She and Brett just moved to Denver (why are we not still in the 'Springs? NOT FAIR!!!!) Just what I needed. We're ready to do another trip!!!

Miss Grand Teton herself

Snake river near the Tetons

There is a story behind this bear. We'd been dying to see one and hadn't. Amy, Brett, Lee and I made a wrong turn in following our friends and ended up going back to the cabin a different way (a way we had already been) and BOOM, we saw this little guy!!! We were ECSTATIC and felt we had to brag a little to the rest of the group when we got back...

People were CRAZY and getting out of their cars to walk on the road to get closer to this guy (NOT ADVISED) and driving all over the roads. Funny how a bear can make you lose your marbles!

Original entrance to Yellowstone NP from 1872 (Notice the sign says "For the benefit and enjoyment of the people")

One of MANY waterfalls we saw

Me and my girl Amy

Awful picture (of me!) but a FUN family dinner. We were BEAT though! We ate at 9:30 pm because we got back so late and Lisa made a wonderful Shepard's pie. She is from England and wanted to share her recipe. YUMMO!

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Us, after a long hike that we didn't expect. Our little viewpoint hikes turned into MILES...In Flip Flops! And we'd already been hiking around all day!

This is Old Faithful about to blow! It blows every 90 minutes (give or take 10 minutes) like clockwork! AWESOME (see video below)

One of MANY geysers and crystal springs. You cannot touch this water, it is full of sulfuric acid and will "blow your skin off" as Lee said...

ELK galore

Amy, Brett and Ky

One of MANY hot bubbling geyser pools--this one was called "heart spring" as it looks like the chambers of the heart

What up 'B-lo'?


We found a watering hole at Old Faithful Inn

Yellowstone Lake

The gurlzzzzzzzzz

Lee taking a picture of Brett taking a picture--Oy Vey!

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