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Friday, March 11, 2011


Well we are so grateful that Jayson and Julie decided to get hitched in Key West! I was super blessed to be asked by Julie to be a bridesmaid! What fun it was to celebrate with this awesome couple and also have a little vacation! :) The trip was so good, there were too many photos to include! We had MANY nights of sunsets... They were breathtaking! I also enjoyed 4 nights of Key Lime Pie (my fave' pie!) including two nights of key lime pie dipped in chocolate on a stick! I had a key lime margarita, daquari, and key lime martini. I brought back key lime juice to continue the trend! Too bad lent is starting so the pie will have to wait! :) Can you tell I like Key Lime?

Our hotel

A little impromptu shot

The bride and pedis by the pool. I got to spend a 1/2 day with her and it was fabulous having 1 on 1 time! Not gonna lie when I say that was the best pedi ever given that I had view of the pool and palm trees!

Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square. TONS of street performers doing crazy things....One guy had cats walking tightropes, another a dog jumping through a hoop. Another was a contortionist and one guy was a soldier painted in gold...

This dog would take dollar bills and jump through the hoop...I felt sorry for the dog!




A little sunset shot

Beautiful red tree we discovered

Rehearsal! What a beautiful church!

After the rehearsal and before the dinner cruise, we stopped at "Schooner Wharf" for a little break with yummy mango frozen drinks!

Old dive tanks. This bar was literally on the wharf where dive boats dock. It was literally a "dive" bar. :) We loved it!

Looking back on the bar...

Our boat for the dinner cruise

Pre Dinner-cruise shot

Tara and I.

Two of my fave' girls on the plent...Tara and Julie, known since Jr. High :)

Another Sunset...

pretty cool

Kylie and Tara with the groom

Love these girls (but NOT the wind!)

Lee pointing to Mr. Sun

Jr. bridesmaid Grace

Beautiful bouquet

Shelley, Megan, Kylie and Tara

Me and my girl Tara (we LOVED these dresses-light cotton with pockets~!!!!)
The beautiful bride getting made up!

Gracie and Dylan (nephew and niece of the bride)

Jays family

Trolly ride from church to reception

Walkin' down the aisle

The bride and her Daddy (SHE WAS ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!)

The breathtaking couple

GORGEOUS church-the windows were open and it was so light and airy

Tara and Kevin at the reception


Lee always gets his dance on :)

Fake laughing...a tradition started at Tara's wedding!

Acting sick...not sure why :) just thought it was funny :)

We rented a boat on Saturday with Tara and Kevin and spent the day in the Sun, circling Key West. We love those guys! It was so fun!

Renting the boat afforded us full use of the Marina

Our last big dinner splurge! Lee had lobster, I had a Key Lime Martini and of course more key lime pie (the best I've EVER had!)

YUM! The glass was dipped in a graham cracker crust!!!

Dinner at Conch Republic

Lee and I rented the tandem bike I'd been eyeing all week and rode 3 miles to the beach. It was sooo great, even though we only had 30 minutes to lay out before SCUBA!!! (not much downtime for beaching this trip...)

On the scuba boat

Dive boat


Lee says I can make friends with a tree...Of course I made friends with them! KU alums from Kansas City! Us Kansas folk gotta stick together! :)

Saw cruise ships a lot!

After diving, Lee and I putzed around Key West and shopped, ate and explored. :) We had to snap a pic of the world's smallest bar... it was like a closet!

Doggie crab cookie from fancy Doggie store. Daisie's birthday was on the wedding day (our baby is 6!!!) so this was her treat.

On our drive between Key West and Ft. Lauderdale (which by the way is a GREAT drive through the keys) we happened upon a GREAT beach cafe..IT was our FAVE meal of the whole trip! It was beachside and we decided next time we come to the Keys we'll stay Islamorada! It is quite quiet and serene, which we like as we are getting older. :) We had the best Mango Pico de gallo and Jamaica Jerk Chicken...and of course pie!

Sad...last lunch..on the way back to reality.

Last piece of pie...


Bye Bye... :(

What a great vacation...Awww, can we go back!?

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