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Sunday, February 3, 2013

One more monthly post...

I cannot believe that I have updated this blog monthly for the development of Macie Faith for an ENTIRE YEAR!  How quickly the time flew.  For now, this will be my last post for awhile...It is bittersweet that I will not be updating monthly, just trips, and occasionally summaries.  The first year is full of so many rapid and amazing changes, that it must be documented.  Now, even though I know Macie will do something new everyday, I will keep my journal going with dates and times of what she does.  It is bitter sweet to say that I won't be doing regular updates.  I remain in utter disbelief that our baby is gone and now we have a toddler in our midst...
Here are some things Macie has done lately and some more photos and cute (short) videos! 
Here are some things that she has started to do!
1.  Instead of just bobbing up and down when music plays, she now sways back and forth and "dances"
2.  Loves her music and dance classes
3.  She can sign "eat" "more" "Thank you"  and one day she crawled up to her high chair at 9 pm and signed "eat" to daddy.  He fed her!  Then we were in a store getting baby gifts and she signed "thank you" and waved bye to the sales lady. :)  our hard work is paying off!
4.  She tried dance class and we signed up!  Yes, dance class for a 1 year old!  It is at the Utah Performing Dance Center and she LOVES it!
5.  She LOVES to look at pictures on the side of our fridge and wave at the people.  I tell her who the pictures are of and she waves.  She likes to grab her cousins Maddie and Hannahs pictures the most. 
6.  LOVES to watch videos of herself!
7.  She loves the nursery at church, but only if mommy isn't working (she's tooo clingy) and she steals toys and acts like the nursery is hers! :)
8.  She watched "Cinderella" for the first time with Mommy and Daddy
9.  She is starting to stick the letters to the wall in the bath tub and looks at me so I can tell her what the letter is each time.
10.  I always grab her from the nursery when the rock band plays the last 3 songs at church.  She LOVES IT!  She claps at the end!
11.  She puts her face in the water and drinks it
12.  She has discovered cupboards and the toilet!  OY!
13.  She started cows milk!
14.  She imitates us for everything we do!
She amazes me everyday!
Playing with her new dolly

A picture of "Earths Best" or their contest

New table from Grandpa and Grandma!

Getting into everything!

New Elmo Jammies!

playing with a princess book! 

Sitting up!

Opening birthday presents

Popping game!

Hanging with Daddy

Playing with Daddy
One of the new things she has started to do lately is to pat her own mouth to the "aaaaahhhh" sound.  We used to do it for her but now she does it herself.  Here is the cutest video of her and Dada playing!

Playing with her manger scene box

Opening her manger playset
Riding her new little "bike"
                              One of my all time fave videos! Her gut laugh giggle! :) Makes my heart happy!                                                 Lunch with Dada
                       Playing with her new musical instruments from Aunt Holly, Uncle Clint and Aiden!                       
 Big girl feeding herself!

Fun ball popper from Duke and Grace!

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