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Monday, April 6, 2009


My mom is going to women's retreat. She is helping to organize it and every year is a different theme. This year it is "F.R.O.G." Or "Fully Rely on God." Wow, is that ever the truth for us right now. It is so hard to let go and surrender this process to Him. I truly feel that it is His will that we adopt but sometimes wonder if the timing is His or mine. I get quite anxious when I think about how we'll pay for it, and then I read countless blogs and stories about how God provided ALL the money for a couple to adopt. I can't imagine He would do otherwise for us. I just want to do this right, I want to do it at the right time and in His way. Then I see something that says grants and financial help are available. I sure hope so! We need a miracle! :)

Here are some things I read from some testimonies....This is just how we feel.

As we trusted God completely, we became willing to love His will more than our own. Though we overwhelmingly desired children, we could say with certainty that we wanted most what God wanted and knew that His plan was perfect. We have also been blessed to see the tiniest fraction of God’s heart. The desire and longing for our children to hurry home, to be with us so we could love them and provide everything beyond what they could imagine reflects in a tiny way the love that God has for all of us. He desires and longs for us to come home to Him and accept Him as Lord so He can love us and provide everything beyond what we could imagine.

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