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Sunday, November 28, 2010

What a great trip to Montana for Thanksgiving! Despite driving in blizzard conditions/snow both ways, we made it safely and had a wonderful time! Great food, fun, family and even fit in a little skiing!

Maddie Grace's first Thanksgiving dinner! Sweet taters and mashed taters for the first time! YUM!

Post-feast bath complete with mohawk!

Watching football and hanging with Uncle Lee

Football with the boys (she loves it for real!)

Post turkey tryptophan comma

Grampy and Maddie

Hanging with Grammy

Big Horn sheep on the way to the ski slopes

In the lodge

Kylie, Lee, Erin and Brad

Ski pose

Erin and Brad

Me ready to point 'em down!

Pretty in Pink

Super airplane Madison!

Me and "G"

Oh how I LOVE my punkins!

Quite possibly the most precious picture I have ever seen!

Post dinner entertainment

Early morning play time

Hello furry cousin Daisie, your ears taste good!

Daisie kisses tickle!

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