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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Birthday Celebration(s)

Well my birthday came and went, but not without various celebrations. :) It was great to have my bday celebration a few times because the actual day wasn't so special. I had a HUGE presentation at work for some big name clients and the day and week were pretty stressful. I, being the "Sunshine" president am usually the one to decorate for others on my team. But my co-workers did decorate and make delicious chocolate icing covered brownies after the clients left. And, knowing Lee had church commitments on my bday night, he promised to make up for it on the weekend. He indulged my taste buds by taking me to Mazza, a quaint, classy Mediterranean restaurant at "9th and 9th" in the heart of the city. The falafel and hummus rivals Israel itself and the Chicken swarma is mouthwatering...Each time I go there I am transported back to Israel! It tides me over until we can go back there one day...

Dinner (and Israeli wine) at Mazza, my fave' restaurant in SLC

On Monday after Thanksgiving we went to the Maverick Center for the "Radio City Rockettes Christmas Spectacular." I didn't get many clear photos but it was absolutely breathtaking. It is one of the best shows I have EVER seen. I can't get over it. My favorite part was the scene depicted in this picture. It was called "Christmas in NYC" and the bus moved across the stage as the giant screen showed the streets of NYC. It was if you were riding the bus down the street with the dancers (Lee was quite impressed by the Audio Visual technology). I have decided my favorite dance is broadway dance and the tap dancing was incredible. I am going to dust off my taps and take a class in the coming months. Yes, I STILL wanna be a Rockette!!! :) I had chills, tears and was smiling from ear to ear the WHOLE show. We vowed to make it a family tradition to go back each year and to do more "stuff" that requires going into the "city" and venturing out of our suburb and living room (especially for the next 6-8 months as we wait for our baby match. I haven't experienced pure joy in entertainment in YEARS.

My co-workers and I came up with the idea to do "Crazy, Tacky Christmas Sweater Fridays" until Christmas. This was the result of our first attempt. I'd say it was mighty successful. Thanks Mom for the use of your sweater...And don't miss my socks! :)

My amazing team doing "Jazz Hands"

My sweet soul sister and best work friend Brenda

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