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Sunday, December 19, 2010

I'm a pile of goo

Remember months ago when I blogged about a little African-American boy "J" (I'll use initials to protect the children's identity) that was in my exercise class? Remember how I said he was my favorite? He has little black dreadlocks and his little sister "F" has little short braids all over her head. Precious. I was in love! I was sad to leave my part-time job and move to my full-time one. I never thought I'd see these two kids again...But's where it gets really good.

Today at church was Children's Sunday. The church was packed with families and friends coming to watch the kiddos perform their little skit and songs. Well long story short, I was sitting and in walked J and F! They sat right in front of me! I jumped up and ran around the aisle to them. J's face lit up as he exclaimed "Coach Kylie!" He jumped up and ran into my outstretched arms. F was next, she smiled and hugged me and I melted into a pool of goo. Their mom asked how I knew them and so I explained how I taught them at their preschool for "Stretch-n-Grow." She said "Oh! You are coach Kylie! They LOVED Stretch-n-Grow!" We spent a little time catching up. My heart and mind flooded with all my memories of those kids. J always showed me his latest break dancing moves. F always ran to the spot next to me on the carpet and always cuddled right next to me. They were my favorite kids in ANY of my classes and ANY of my schools. I shed a tear when I left that school and even returned to visit them once more before starting at Aetna. I never thought I'd see them again!

More to the story...A family in our church who adopted an African-American boy from the foster system had told us their sister had adopted two children from Uganda! Guess what---those two kids, that I used to teach were J and F! So, the couple from church who took us under their wing about adoption and who's little adopted boy "E" has stolen our heart, is related to my two fave' student kiddos! I can't get over it!!!! What a small small world!
What are the odds? I guess pretty good if God is in control! :)

I had to share. It made my day. It made my month. God plopped these families and adopted kids in my lap to encourage me. I've been blah and struggled to get into the Christmas spirit this year as my heart misses and longs for our child. Then BOOM, I get hugs from my fave' little J and F and a silent knowing I'd most likely see them again.
It blessed my socks off. It warmed my heart. It carried my dreams back to imagining again that soon we'd have our own little J or F and I'd be happy with either. I love those kids. They are beautiful and perfect. I think African children are some of the most beautiful on the planet and God reinforced again that we are just right where we need to be. In His will. In His timing and that our baby will be oh so worth our long long wait.
But in the meantime, He'd bless us with little reminders...
Thank you Jesus for boosting my spirit just when I needed it, in a way only You could do.
My heart is bursting with joy with the blessing you gave me today.
So unexpected.
Something I couldn't have planned myself if I tried.
Such a surprise.

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