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Friday, June 24, 2011


Wow, SO. MUCH. HAS. HAPPENED! WHERE DO I BEGIN? Well, you've probably noticed I have not blogged for several MONTHS. SO UN-KYLIE-LIKE. :) Well, I was waiting because we have BIG. NEWS.
It was quite a saga that will need to be blogged in 2 installments.
As you know, we recently (April 15th) became DTE (Dossier to Ethiopia). In adoption terms it means: "KINDA A BIG DEAL." or "PAPER PREGNANT." OR "JUST PLAIN DONE WITH A MOUND OF PAPERWORK." We couldn't have been more excited. So we celebrated a HUGE accomplishment....AND THEN....
Do you remember the previous post? How we showed the journey our paperwork took as it traveled to Ethiopia? Well, it arrived and at the same time it did we had a pretty amazing surprise.

Yep! That is right! Many have wanted to hear the whole story so here it is!

After you have tried for so many years to get pregnant, you get the timing, body cues, temperature and all that jazz down pat. But let me just say we had stopped "trying." For about a year as a matter of fact. Our adoption was in full force and we knew that was/is God's will for us to add to our family. We had accepted it and were THRILLED. All that said, we knew that the night we "celebrated" (**ahem**) that it was possible we could get pregnant (well, I knew.) But who cares? We HONESTLY didn't think it would happen. I noticed that I had no idea when Aunt Flo was to arrive and so I secretly bought a pregnancy test. I saw the faintest of lines but was just sure my eyes were playing tricks as it had so many times before. When you have so longed to be pregnant, your eyes will see whatever they want. So I threw the test away. A couple of days later I felt a little pukey, so I went to Target on my lunch and bought a digital test. "NOT PREGNANT."

I was due for my annual exam so I had scheduled an appointment. The doctor asked me the date of my last period and I told her I had no idea. She asked if I wanted a pregnancy test and I obliged. Not expecting anything, the nurse entered the room and said "well its been 3 minutes and I don't see anything." I was fine with it and waited for the doctor. She walked in about 2 minutes later and said "Oh, I see a faint line! Honey, I think you are pregnant. Yep, you are!" I shared our adoption story with her and she was giddy. She said "I had a rough day and you just turned that around. You made my day!"

Laying on the table I was about to have a panic attack. There was NO WAY this was happening! Just to confirm, we did bloodwork over the next few days. I had to go over to the hospital for bloodwork as our clinic lab was closed for the day. Poor Lee was wondering where on earth I was and my phone was in the car. OH. MY. GOODNESS.

I drove home, hands shaking, having a full-on hyperventilation attack! I waked in the house and Lee said "what took you so long!? Your appointment was at 4!" (It was nearly 7 now). I told him they had to do bloodwork and proceeded to tell him our news. He grabbed my hand and said "Let's go sit outside!" We sat on the deck where it was cool because he too was beginning to hyperventilate. He put his head between his legs and had to breathe for a bit. After some chatting, we came in and decided to take the other digital pregnancy test. This time "PREGNANT." :) WHOA!

Now what!? What about our adoption? What about our plans? (See the next installment---It was a lot to process!)

The bloodwork confirmed that I indeed am pregnant. My HCG hormone levels were rising perfectly. All looked good as we tried to wrap our brains around this! We called our immediate families and then sat on our news for a couple weeks.

I had made another appt. with our doctor so that was the next step. At 6.5 weeks I had an ultrasound. All looked well! The tiny tadpole was growing quickly. :) Another thing was growing as well! My increasingly AWFUL nausea. LITERALLY, on Mother's Day, the morning sickness began with a vengeance.

Tiny Tadpole at 6.5 weeks.
Me demonstrating the morning/noon/night sickness I was experiencing (notice the Lion is ALSO displaying the nausea!) :)
6.5 weeks along. Not much of a bump but definitely bloated!

A month later, we went back to the doctor. Due to my "advanced maternal age" and "bum thyroid" (although that may not be the medical term) I would need to see my doctor more often and also a Fetal Medicine Specialist. The 10.5 week ultrasound revealed a heartbeat, a beautiful and perfect baby that was moving all over the place! This made ALL the the barfing and CONSTANT nausea, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Arbys and Taco Bell cravings WORTH IT.
Baby bump at 10.5 weeks. Still nothing much but bloat. Definitely feeling the pants getting tighter and my waist filling out.
The beauty of being a "reproductively ancient" gal (the joke my doctor shared, since she is pregnant and about my age) is MANY ultrasounds. Blessed that my HIGH deductible for insurance has been met by physical therapy, these visits cost me about 10 bucks. LOVING IT! Only 1.5 weeks later, we visited the Fetal Medicine Specialist and got yet another ultrasound!
Baby T putting both arms in front of his/her face! Shy? I doubt it!
This baby was CONSTANTLY moving. I'm not kidding when I say it would not hold still. It honestly took the poor ultrasound tech so long to get good shots for the downs syndrome aspects of the exam. this baby was jumping one one end of my uterus and bouncing like a trampoline. Constantly flipping around to its side, back, front etc. At one point it was bobbing its head in perfect rhythm. It was as if he/she was listening to music. I asked if perhaps it was hiccups and the tech said no. She thought baby was doing squats or just bobbing its head and that she had rarely seen such an active baby in 17 years! It was hilarious! We're a little worried about what we're getting into with this one!
Sweet little face. Its not truly the mouth "smiling" but sure looks like an angelic photo. We are so in love!
After our ultrasound (in which the tech said "This baby is beautiful and perfect") we visited with the Genetic Counselor. We decided not to do anything invasive, including amniocentesis. Instead we will trust two blood tests that screen for Cystic Fibrosis, Spina Bifida and Downs Syndrome. The geneticist said that based on the ultrasound alone they are 99% sure that the baby is healthy! Everyone has said everything looks perfect from every visit and if the bloodwork checked out ok, I would be removed from "high risk" and not return to their office.
I cannot describe how awful I have felt these first three months of pregnancy. I literally would come home from work and retreat to bed or the couch. I could only muster the energy to consume quarter pounders, Chef Boyardee, and Taco Bell before retreating to bed. Drinking water caused me to make a visit to a certain pine tree at work. :) I did NOTHING around the house. I had no energy for anything but work. My sweet, dear, darling husband has done EVERYTHING for two months. Cleaning, cooking, shopping, EVERYTHING. He has treated me like a queen and is truly elated for our wonderful news! What a blessing it is to know that God has given us an incredible miracle! There is nothing like the feeling. The timing was a little "off" at first but we'll explain why we feel it happened as it did in the next post. We are absolutely head over heels in love with this child! The shock has been replaced with elation. We felt it might happen for us at some point, but the shock and fun of it happening when we weren't 'trying' makes it all the more miraculous! It has been a blast to share our unique story with others...
So what lesson did we learn from this experience? That no matter how many times you take your temperature, buy ovulation prediction kits and time everything just right, God has ALL. THE. CONTROL. ALWAYS. AND GOD IS ALWAYS GOOD. No matter what WE plan, God has a better plan. There is nothing that has strengthened my faith in my entire life more than this experience has!
Isn't God's best better than our plans ever are?

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