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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


We took a FUN trip to Colorado!  How great it was so see our dear friends in both Colorado Springs and Denver.

We were saddened to see the scaring and the blackness on the side of the mountain from the recent Waldo Canyon Fire.  Colorado Springs holds a special place in our hearts having been residents for 3+ years there. 

We left Macie with Amy's brother in Denver while we went to see a band we loved in college, "The Samples."  When Lee and I met, one of the first conversations we ever had discussed music we liked and we both said "The Samples."  It's a small obscure band but one we both knew of!  That in and of itself was a "done deal" for us.  It was so much fun to go back to the concert that was at a SMALL venue in Denver.  Lee and I LOVED IT!
Here are me, Amy, and Jen with the lead singer of the Samples!

While in Colorado Springs we were blessed to get to visit many of our friends!  First stop was Daniel and Sarah's.  I met Sarah at my chiropractor's office (she worked there) and the small world that it is, I worked with her husband Daniel at Urban Peak Homeless Shelter.  Lee clicked with Daniel and we became couple friends.  Well, since we left they had TWIN BOYS!  Liam and Elijah are PRECIOUS!
The boys!
Intel (awfully close to the fires)
Macie in her little sailor outfit Ralph and Joyce gave her!

Sweet Sarah with my Macie
Me with the boys! :)  Loved them!

Two of the 5 couples in our small group in the Springs moved away.  We all came back for a little reunion.  When we left Addy was the only baby (we left when she was 3 months old and now she's 3 years old!) and now we ALL have baby girls with more on the way! :)

Matthew and Macie
Mamas and the babies
(L to R)
Julie and Addy, Amy and Harmony, Kylie and Macie, Katie and Aurora
Macie meets Harmony
(Harmony was adopted by Amy and Karl, then SURPRISE! Amy and Karl are now pregnant!) :) 
My buddy Daniel (father of Twin boys!) with Macie!
 Beautiful Aurora!

 Precious Harmony

 The crew!

 The girls!  (L to R) Addy, Harmony, Macie, Aurora
My normally happy girl was NOT happy!
 At Amy and Brett's in Denver.  Javier and Macie!

The girls meeting! :)  Addy and Aurora! :)

What a fun trip! :)  We can't wait to get back.  I wasn't sure how I'd feel about being back in Colorado because I have REALLY fallen in love with Utah.  Truth is I still love Colorado Springs and can't wait to move back to Colorado! :)

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