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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lil' camping trip

We took a little camping trip with our dear friends the Swilors.  We are so blessed to have moutain fishing, hiking, and camping within 2 hour drive!  We love the swilors and our kiddos are BFFs!

Fishing Hole
Nicki with Zac

Macie and Luce in "jail"

 All cozied up for nigh nigh
 Happy Camper in the morning!
 Took Zach and Mace for a nature walk
Oooooh, trees!  She loved picking off the bark
Our little family

 My little snuggly wuggly
Silly girlies

Nature walk


So much fun!
"Macie, this is how you play in the dirt"

All bundled for nigh nigh

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