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Friday, October 26, 2012

Asher's Buddy Walk!

We were blessd to be able to participate in the Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome in honor of our little friend Asher! :) We have amazing friends from church! We LOVE the Martins who adopted Asher and then found out that they were miraculously pregnant! You can imagine Jen and I jabbering about our stories the first time we met. :) We got to walk with our friends to raise money for Down Syndrome and honor Asher! Go Team Asher's Advocates! Jen and Jefferson play softball with Lee so I get to snuggle up with Asher and Evan every week. :) LOVE THESE BOYS!!!!
Naomi, Luce (Macie's best friend) and Mace post walk
Loving it!
Our team!  Jenny and Naomi, Jen, Jefferson and Asher and Evan in the double stroller!
Me and Mace
The Toones (with Lilly's Harley birthday balloon... Don't ask! :) 
My happy girl! Social butterfly!
Asher's Advocates! (Luke with Zach and Lucy in the foreground)
Asher (left) and Evan (right) LOVE these boys! :)

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