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Monday, October 29, 2012

8 months!

How do the weeks pass so quickly that our baby girl is another month old? Time flies so fast, especially that Mommy is home everyday! No teeth so far, and no crawling but Macie continues to be load of fun!!! This month Macie experienced her first birthday party (see summer entry) for her friend Lucy and Zac! She enjoyed splish splashing in the pool with her other friends!
Developmentally, she has begun to grab things and bangs things together! She also began to wave bye bye this month and the cutest hand waving at herself! During "developmental time" each day, she loves to go to her bookshelf and pick books herself to read. Her favorite books have texture, this child is obsessed with scratching her fingernails on everything textured! Her favorite book is "Feely bugs" especially the crinkle and feathery bugs! :)
This month also began the official battle with the Yeast Beast! More on that in the next update. Let's just say that Mommy and Macie have passed a yeast infection back and forth for weeks! UGH! :(

  Here's a sampling of Mommy and Macie's daily schedule.

Wake up early nurse, cuddle and go back to sleep
Developmental time with Mommy
Nap/Mommy cleans etc. Go in exersaucer while Mommy works out
Eat solid food
Play with Daddy!
Take bath Daddy reads Bible Go "nigh nigh"
***This month was ESPECIALLY fun because right before she turned 8 months we went to California! This is a different entry, but what fun it was to visit Aunt Holly, Aiden, Uncle Clint and see the Grandparents in Carlsbad and go to the beach!!! Also, Grammy came to visit for a few days before we left! It was so much fun to play with Grammy and Mommy enjoyed the break! div>
8 month photo shoot-eating the paper!
Hiking with Mommy
Macie's vantage point of God's playground
First time in shopping cart with Mommy!  TJMAXX! Dream come true for Mommy!
Sweet girl still loves her gym
Playdate with Lucy!
Silly with Daddy.  Look at what big legs Macie has!
Silly :)

Ready for some K-state football!!!
Sunday afternoon hiking around Brighton
Daddy and baby girl
Pouty face which is NOT our girl's normal look :)
Lil tree hugger

yummmmmm!  Paper!
Playin' in my room!
Wearing Mommy's Stride Rite Sandals from 1976!
Standing!  YIKES!
Silly Macie.  This is picture 1.  She put herself under a blanket
Picture 2...Stuck
Peek-a-boo escape!
Whoops! I feel over!
Why are you giggling Mommy?
Hi Mommy!  Little hippie girl :)

We always say "Macie, did you toot in your panties?"  Sorry for my annoying voice! :)

She was shaking her head "no no no" when Mommy said "Cookies aren't for Daddy, they're for Santa" (from a onesie) again, sorry for my annoying voice!  I get a little whacky all day with her!

Mommy was doing stuff in the bathroom and Macie was destroying it!  One of my fave videos!

Silly saucer girl!

We started baby signing this month and Macie is doing great!  She can sign milk, more, and please! :)  This is te beginnings when she signs milk for "more" and "more" to eat. :) 

Big girl drinking water!

Sweet little roly poly girl!

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