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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I was blessed enough to be able to watch this movie before it has even been released while at my adoption conference this past weekend. (Hold tight for an entry solely on that...It was LIFE CHANGING. I am not the same. God spoke to my heart in immeasurable ways and for that, I need time to process, share with Lee and then I can share with you what God has said. I'll tell you this much...We are RIGHT in God's will, and I feel He told me and other adoptive mamas who shared with me that our baby is CLOSE. And to get ready!) This movie is a reality check. Our international adoption system is broken and unfortunately, the conventions the US has instituted have only worsened the brokenness. There are millions of orphans "Stuck" in the system. This documentary is SO WELL DONE and I encourage you to watch it, whether or not you are adopting, just to educate yourself. You won't be the same! I PROMISE! The images you will see of little ones languishing in orphanages, craving stimulation and suffering with no answers to their cries. They give up and can't attach and don't know how to be loved. IT WILL RUIN YOU! Please take 2 minutes to watch this trailer. I encourage you to support this wonderful organization "Both Ends Burning" who are here to promote a culture of adoption in the world. Sign the petitition so our government can get involved to fix the errors they have made. Watch the stories of the families who waited years to bring their babies home (the single African American woman with her little girl from Ethiopia is from our agency and you can see OUR transition home where we'll go get our kiddo, and see our drivers, staff and nannies too! AMAZING they chose our adoption agency to be highlighted! Also "DUNI" the firecracker, gorgeous Ethiopian attorney who fights for these children, she worked for our agency! AMAZING FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH IN ETHIOPIA!) Support this film by finding the tour release dates in your area! Go and watch it in the theater to support it! Get your friends to go! Download it online and have a viewing party. PLEASE HELP MEND A BROKEN SYSTEM!!! THANK YOU. The little ones will thank you too...

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