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Sunday, April 14, 2013


We had such a great Easter! On Saturday we went to our Rec center and Macie attended the Easter Egg Dive! So cute to watch a bunch of toddlers swimming for eggs! :) Macie had a ball. She truly loves the pool! :) On Sunday, we of course, went to church and after a nap, we hung out in the back yard! Macie was much more interested in playing in the grass rather than hunting eggs! She did however, greatly enjoy opening them to discover puffs and other goodies! :) That night Lee made his awesome pizza and we read the book "What is Easter?" about the TRUE reason we celebrate. We also skyped with Grammy and Grampy so she could "open" her Easter basket! Thanks Grammy and Grampy for the goodies!
Easter basket from Mommy and Daddy.  Cd with songs about Jesus, a rake, sunflower seeds for planting, a magnifying glass, Hello Kitty bubbles, first cupcake sparkly playdoh, a dress and other goodies!

Grass is so much fun!

Hi Da-Da

Mama and Macie (she looks so big!)

Ready for church, just waiting for Mama and playing with some Uganda beads. :)

Love my girl!

Egg Dive.  Not sure about this guy

Lee photo bombing another couple ;)


Lots of kids and lots of eggs!

Here we go!

Come on Dada!  Let's get them!

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