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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Adoption Wall of Hope!

Well, we mailed our homestudy packet! We are looking to buy a house, so may have to put off the actual appointment but its in! Man do we look icky on paper, but know God will make us look stellar! Woohoo! Step one done! I made the mistake of looking at the flow chart from our agency. We're on step -1 in the grand scheme of steps. Ha! And a friend's blog said that her homestudy and dossier was 89 pages long, took 7 months and they had to write long autobiographies! So that I will not lose my head, I taped three onsies up on the wall in our office. Lee laughed but its the only thing keeping my eye on the prize! Everytime I get overwhelmed, I will look at this wall of onesies and keep my sanity. Whew!

Please pray our homestudy goes well! We're scared we'll get rejected! I guess we'll have that fear until our baby is in our arms!

Here's to keeping the faith! And onesies!!! :) And jammies from Grammie and Grampie!

And here's to ALWAYS having hope...

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