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Saturday, March 27, 2010

A little fun!

Things have been a little crazy of late. Between buying a house and all that entails (inspections, loan paperwork, appraisals), having visitors, showing our house to potential buyers and renters, and working on adoption stuff, job interviews, and just life in general, it has been quite hectic! So, while I originally thought I may limit this blog to adoption-related postings, I decided to throw in a little fun!

Today, Lee and I were blessed enough to get tickets to the K-state/Butler NCAA Elite 8 game! I cheer for KU a lot, but my heart is really with KSU. I went there for two years, so I suppose my blood runs purple deep down. :) So, we lucked out in that the tourney was here in Salt Lake and KSU made it this far so we could see them! How much fun it was to see all the K-state fans invading our city! We met quite a few around town and it has been so much fun! While the game was a bit sad, and the Cats could have played much better, it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience! It was sooooo different watching the game in person, much more aggressive than it appears on TV and so much energy and noise! I'm so glad we dropped a pretty penny for the nosebleed seats! :)

Next post: Pics of our house with a "SOLD" sign. :)

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