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Friday, April 23, 2010


Well, we did it! After quite a roller coaster ride, we own our first house! It was so much fun going over there tonight to look around. While Lee has quite a "honey do" list, we had fun lying on the carpet looking at our house. We can't wait to paint, update and make it our own! It's hard to go from a house with a brand new kitchen with granite countertops to one with the original ones, not to mention no walk-in closet, but we're excited to OWN something, put our mark on it, update it and get it ready to sell in a few years when we return to Colorado. But, with these views, it will be hard to leave! :) We decided it really is worth the extra money and smaller house to be near the mountains. It will make our time here all the more pleasant. Now we can begin our homestudy! (Well, after we get moved in anyway).
The Toone Family hotel is open for business! :)
We'll leave the light on for ya!

Here are a few photos of the new Toone Family abode. :) One step closer to our baby! :)

The Living room and beautiful bay window

Daisie found a doggie bone

The kitchen-those countertops gotta go!!!

Family Room downstairs

View from the backyard looking back at the house. Can't wait to put a bistro table on the brick and a patio set on the deck and have guests over to cook S'mores in the firepit!

Home Sweet Home

Master Bedroom

Baby room? Hmmmmmm :)

Dining area-that wall's gotta go!!! :)

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