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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ethiopia Adoption Video

Wow! I have been so blessed to be a part of a Yahoo group dedicated to adoptive families from our agency. Everyone from our agency is a Christian so the power of prayer is evident. So far, I have been quiet, waiting in the wings, listening and watching prayer for those awaiting forms, court dates and travel dates to go get their children! .

There was a lost of frustration this past week. Papers were lost, not being processed, court approval was not gained, travel information not received. A group prayer occurred on Sunday night for two hours. On Monday and Tuesday, MIGHTY things happened! Court dates were given, court was passed, travel dates given and plans made! Amazing the hand of God when we just cry out to Him! It is just so cool to see a group of total strangers, waiting for their child. I could say so much more, but for now, I had to post this video. If you ask why we chose Ethiopia instead of a domestic (U.S.) adoption, or another country, this is why. I think the sound of these Ethiopian children singing is the best choir my ears (and heart!) have EVER heard. Read the statistics. Look at the pictures. Gaze into the eyes of these children.

We desire too, to make the number of orphans in Ethiopia MINUS 1.

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