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Thursday, June 24, 2010


Ok, so today's task was to compile all of our adoption documents into a GINORMOUS 3-ring binder. It needs to be organized a bit more, but at least we know what's what. Yes, every single one of the sheet protector pages contains a document that must be obtained, completed, mailed, faxed, certified, authenticated, paid for, fingerprinted or something... :)

This weekend, we'll work to plot a giant wall "map" of our to-do list and then make deadlines. I can't wait to get things going! At least now, even though I am overwhelmed, I can make heads or tails of what to do next and have some sense of control. I cannot imagine being done with this process, being "paper pregnant" and waiting months to get our referral! That will be an insane time and as my dear friend from Colorado says, it will be "Excrutia." But at least then, I can shop for baby clothes and be "legit!" :)

So here it is, "BIG DADDY BINDER." Don't ask me why I named it that, but its a big 'un! Ok, time to get to work! WHEW! I'm pooped already. :)

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