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Thursday, October 27, 2011

30 weeks!

Well the reality of being pregnant has truly set in. No longer can I pretend to do everything I desire. Well, I haven't been able to do everything for the entire 7 months, but now I truly can't fake it. It has become nearly impossible to do simple things like tie my gym shoes, bend over to pick up a pen at work, and well, workouts, that's another thing entirely.

Symptoms I've experienced in this journey are textbook. Morning sickness, heartburn, back pain, CONSTANTLY itchy skin, the dreaded "mask" which consists of dark pigmentation across my upper lip (HELLOOOO stache!) and forehead (make up doesn't cover), shortness of breath, slight swelling of my feet, puffy face...But like I said before, I choose not to complain. Every kick and flutter that I feel, makes me smile and my growing belly is worth every ache, pain and symptom. :) I can't say that I'd be the first in line to do this again...but I am reminded constantly that this baby inside me is God's greatest gift to me in this life...Unexpected, welcomed, and adored.

The nursery is coming along nicely, after Daddy painted the top portion of the walls not once....not twice, but THREE times, till Mommy was absolutely certain it matched her desired bedding (which we don't have...yet). Mommy is working on the intricate details of the design, accessories, a white furry rug, baby chandelier and more...I'm no designer but it sure is fun. Yep, its gonna be a little blingy. :)

We also began our birthing class. We decided to try Hypnobirthing. With my graduate background in biofeedback, relaxation training and hypnotherapy, I felt it was the perfect marriage between a childbirth education class and my belief that we do have a mind/body connection. I perform breathing and Progressive Muscle Relaxation exercises on my clients at work almost daily, and truly believe the extensive research on its healing benefits and power to reverse the stress/flight/fight response we all experience. I tend to be an anxious gal, so this will help me relax during labor. Now, I didn't say I was going natural, but the idea of working with my body, allowing it to do what God designed, and trusting in it and in God is appealing to my soul. So, we attended our first 4 hour class and LOVED It. :) I can't wait for week 2. :) We'll also take a breastfeeding class and a hospital one day birthing class, just to get different perspectives.

Another thing we are on the fence about, which lots of you have asked, is Baby Girl's name. We have been telling people we have to see her to decide, but to be perfectly honest, we have a name already. :) We'll confirm when we see her precious, squishy little face, but its a name that we love, and its meaning describes our journey to her with perfection. :) All that said, we're not into blabbing it or sharing...So if you ask, you'll most likely get a "We're gonna wait and see her to make sure" and that's about it. So expect us to be annoyingly private about it. :) Sorry. :)25 weeks
Why do we always take these pics in the bathroom?
Ok, so I had to throw this in...I splurged. I bought a pair of Tom's shoes I'd been eyeing for months... The good news is that I know that with the purchase, another pair of shoes is being donated to an orphan. I love it.
Check it out:

Love at first sight!
30 weeks. Baby Girl's room. The bedding is back up, our desired bedding isn't here yet.
Big ole' bump!

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