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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fun Adoption Things!!!

Many of you have asked how things are going in the world of adoption. The next two posts will be about adoption. Since I have been pregnant, this blog has shifted gears a bit and focused on our coming miracle (biologically) but we have NOT forgotten or de-emphasized our little Ethiopian miracle that is still alive and well in our hearts. In fact, through this journey of pregnancy, I have sought God's heart for that of the less fortunate, continually asking Him over and over again not to let me forget the plight of the orphan. He has only confirmed our desire to adopt more and more through our biological pregnancy. The next blog post will be about my heart that continually breaks for adoption and the things that have continued to strengthen my passion for the orphans of this world. Our precious baby boy is still out there, still waiting as we too wait with outstretched and aching arms.

The other day I had a realization. When I have pictured my complete family, I have never once pictured it without BOTH of our children. Even when we weren't sure we could have one biologically, I ALWAYS pictured TWO children. A girl. A boy. One Caucasian. One African. Never once has that mental image been void of one or both of those children. Even when waiting during this pregnancy, there have ALWAYS BEEN TWO. This realization slapped me across the face one day. And further confirmed what I already knew to be true. God's blessings are aligning with our desires.

Ok, enough serious stuff, more of that later. Now, to the FUNNNNN Adoption stuff! :)
On September 1, I was blessed to attend my dear friend Tracy's adoption baby shower! She and her husband are adopting FOUR children from Ethiopia. I met Tracy through our online AWAA agency adoption support group when seeking out someone from Utah. Tracy's family is wonderful, they already have 5 children. It has been sooooo amazing to have Tracy here as a support during our adoption! We began our processes at the same stage and she sped ahead when she and her husband decided to bring home these FOUR precious children off our agency's waiting child list. Tracy is also a Christian so its been amazing to have her literally a 5 minute drive from my house!!! :)

This shower was one of the COOLEST things I've EVER attended. These two Ethiopian girls danced for our entertainment! It was so awesome! In this photo they are talking to Tracy about the region where her kids are coming from.

Dancing with the girls!
SOOOOO cool!
Tracy giving her testimony of how God brought her family to these 4 children in Ethiopia...What a tearjerker! Not a dry eye in the house! Check out the Autry's blog here:

Ethiopia Colors-Red, yellow, green
Centerpieces matched as well!
Me and my dear friend Tracy...
Had to share. As we are accustomed to do, Lee and I often play "Chutes and Ladders." On one particular evening we started to play. Lee set up the board and I noticed he picked different characters than we normally use. I cried. So symbolic of our little biological baby girl, and our precious Ethiopian boy. Oh, I'm soooo emotional.
I ordered this from a fellow adoptive family. When I got pregnant I could no longer drink bottled water. I had to start sipping ICE COLD, filtered, clean water. I still can only drink it this way. :) So, this cup keeps my water ice cold and sends a very clear message. I LOVE IT!

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