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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Meet Macie Party!

My AMAZING co-worker gals threw me a "Meet Macie" party tonight. We had a YUMMY pot luck with AMAZING vegan cupcakes. No milk for me, and no gluten. They were DELICIOUS! :) After all, we ARE health counselors... :)

We were showered with more gifts and blessings and it was especially fun because my girls got to hold Macie! :) Believe me, she was passed around! She was a trooper and slept for most of it. :) Of course there were oooohs and awwws galore!
I have been absolutely DREADING going back to work. In fact, I get physically ill thinking about it. I can't imagine letting anyone else care for my precious angel. But, I am blessed by the AMAZING girls I get to work with! The job and company are just blah, but its so true that people can make or break a job! Seeing their pretty faces daily definitely makes it for me! :) They will be my support when I have to leave my Macie girl....I just LOOOOOOOOVE these girls!

TO. DIE. FOR. Tutu dress

Blankie with "krinkle" from Janet
Happy Hippo from Lisa P-P
Sunglasses and hair accessories
Sound Lamb from Karlee and Kara
Cami and Macie
Chelly-belly (Michelle, the hostest with the mostest!)
The girls...
Cami and Janette
Kara/my cubie partner (LOVE THIS LADY!) and Janette
Karlee and Janette. My fashionistas!
Hanging out with the gals and Macie
Michelle (this girl makes the BEST Nacho queso, vegan, no dairy! It tastes like REAL QUESO! Yummmm for this cheeseless girl!)
TEAM J! Marygrace, Karlee, Kara, Me and Michelle with Macie
Me and my work bestie, Janette. Love this ray of sunshine! She is Macie's Auntie JJ!
Macie LOVED Kara!
Macie all decked out for St. Pat's day AND the party! :)
What a GREAT night for me and my gal! We are blessed!!!!

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