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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Grandmommy and Papa come to town

We were blessed to have Lee's mom Gail come to visit for a week! She cooked wonderful meals and brought tons of food with her! We ate good, spicy, yummy goodies! She also encouraged me to use my slow cooker again for easy dinners! :) I think Gail bought out the entire Carter's store! Such cute stuff! :) Thank you Grandmommy for spoiling our little one!
On Wednesday I took Gail to see Lee's office and she was very proud and impressed (it IS impressive!) Ken, Lee's stepdad, also arrived that night so it was fun to catch up and let him meet Macie Faith. It was nice to have them here to help cuddle Daisie so I could do some laundry, go to some appointments and start my thank you notes (FINALLY!)
We were super excited that they decided to go to Zion National Park and stay at Buffalo Mountain Ranch where we went for our Baby Moon on their way home!
We were sad to see them go... :(
Lounging with Grandmommy. Daisie had to jump in the picture too!
Showing Grandmommy my toys!
Mother earth and baby girl :)
Grandmommy and baby Macie
Grandmommy Gail and Papa

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