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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Visit from Toone Grandparents, and Aunt Nay Nay and Jason!

Lee's Dad and Stepmom, Tommy and Jane came to visit and meet their grandaughter before heading up to ski in Deer Valley. Lee's little sister Jennifer and her fiance' Jason, came down from Idaho to join us. They are getting married soon and are exploring venues in Salt Lake! :) Fun!
We always eat WELL when the Toones come to town. The first night we went to a Mexican joint down the street called La Hacienda. Afterwards, we ventured over to See's Chocolates/Candy (which was conveniently next door-Jane thought she may have found heaven...Mexican and Chocolate side-by-side!)
On Saturday we visited and then met them at Tuscany, after they met with their wedding coordinator at the restaurant. This is a very fancy, beautiful Italian place with a BEAUTIFUL interior (yes you feel like you are in Italy) and gorgeous garden exterior. They boast an 18 page wine list and exquisite food. Lee and I had been here before and LOVED visiting again! We enjoyed a wonderful blend of red wines, bruschetta, wonderful entrees, homemade bread and AMAZING chocolate cake! YUM!

On Sunday morning we joined the family at their hotel for breakfast before bidding them adieu.
Macie's first Mexican Restaurant! Yum!
Grandpa, Macie and Daisie :)
Aunt Nay Nay
Happy Grandparents!

First Fancy Restaurant!
Aunt "Nay Nay" and Jason
Grandma and Macie
Grandma, Grandpa and Macie Faith
Jennifer and Jason are thinking of having their wedding and reception there! :) Can I do mine again!? :)
Happy Grandparents

Lil' Toone Family
The whole fam'!

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