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Friday, June 15, 2012

Park City!

Well, we decided to take a MUCH NEEDED escape to Park City over Memorial weekend.  Life has been moving at record speed and we feel like ships passing in the night most days.  We decided to leave the city for an escape without distractions, chores and work.  We thought it would be fun to shop, go downtown to a nice dinner and take Macie Faith swimming for the first time! :)  It was SO nice to get refreshed before returning to the grind!  Just what the doc' ordered!

 Macie in her new swimsuit Mommy got at the outlets
 Yeay swimming!
 Swimming with Mommy :)
 Floating on my new raft :)

 Not sure about this...

 Dinner out
Swimming=tuckered out!

This little video was taken when we were getting ready to leave :)

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