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Thursday, June 28, 2012

And the numbers are in...

Praising God for the movement within our adoption community!  After not having moved up one spot in MONTHS, we suddenly raced up the list this week as 11, count em' ELEVEN referrals came through our agency!  Some were little baby boys, some girls and some 3-5 year olds!  YIPPEEEEE!!!!!  So drumroll please....


(we started at #48 and got to 38 and then went back up to 42 for the longest time!)


We debuted on this list at #52.


We started this list at 28 (we're taking ourselves off of this one.  Can't handle two more! :)

A few things to note...the girl list was at a standstill for over a year and now we've surpassed the number of boy referrals for girls!  The sibling list that tends to be SLOWER than molasses is now speeding fast!  All in all, we've had more movement this past week than we have in over a year!

The rainy season is coming in August will close the courts which will slow everything down.  The Embassy is still slow as is the court system.  But whatever the reason, we're all basking in the glory of God speeding us up the list this week!  We love to see families who have been at the top of the list for months FINALLY get their referrals! :)  WOO HOO!!!!

Please join us in praying that we have our little Ethiopian Prince home by next summer! :)  Oh, the thought sends chills up and and down my spine!  We are so grateful for this time we've had with Macie Faith but we are soooo ready to have this little guy too!  I have an aching in my heart as one of my children is missing!  He needs to be home to make us complete! :) 

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