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Thursday, June 14, 2012

4 month update!

I'm a little behind on updating you as to what we've been up to.  We did not have a check-up at the doctor this month, but we know this little squirt is either growing or her jammies are shrinking!  I have a hard time deciding to move up to size 3-6 months or just keep putting her in her 0-3s that still fit!  No joke when I say an outfit looks too big one day and I put it on her a couple days later and it barefly fits!  Oh how I wish I could stop the hands of time...Its enough to make you wanna have another... :)  NOT YET!

My friend Vickie made me the COOLEST binder to keep track of what she does.  It has folders for storing keepsakes and calendars for each month to write down whta Macie is doing on the day she first does it.  Then later I'll easily be able to complete her album and scrapbooks. :) 

Here are a few things she is doing!

Macie can now hold anything and everything you give her.  She rolls over and often gets herself stuck on her tummy and can't get back over.  One day she even began holding her bottle.  She LOVES monkeys!  I'm not kidding!  She stares at her monkey feet on her monkey jammies, loves her monkey from the play gym, loves the musical monkey Grammy got her and loves her sock monkey from her cousin Tyler.  This was NOT something we pushed on her, she naturally loves them!  Lee loves monkeys too so we think its genetic! :) 

Daycare has helped her development.  Not only is she doing new things (that we've made our sitter NOT tell us about to let us see it for the first time ourselves), but she imitates Maliya and Macin, her little daycare friends.  Its easier to leave her there because she smiles and giggles when she arrives.  Her little personality is emerging everyday.  She is SUCH a smiley, happy girl and LOVES to talk and hear herself.  She emits anything from squeals, squeaks and screams to quiet, sweet whispers and coos.  Sometimes she simply whimpers because she wants someone to play with her.  She pants when she sees her bottle.  We love her little voice! She pulls her pacifier in and out herself.  And the list goes on and on and on... 

The best thing that happened this month was when I was holding her upright and she laid her head on my shoulder.  Not to burp or because I held her but just to cuddle.  MELT.  MY.  HEART. 

 Discovering my feet on the way to church

 I can grab my feet!

 I'm 4 months???
 I am 4 months!
 My wonderful in-laws sent me these BEAUTIFUL flowers for Mother's Day!  What a beautiful surprise!
 Macie loves the flowers too!
 Wearing my Carlsbad sweatshirt from Grandpa Tommy and Grandma Jane
 I can hold my bottle!
 First trip to Ethiopian Restaurant!  Gotta get ready for my brother! YUMMMO!
 Changing the stroller bassinet into a seat :)  Happy little girl
Hanging with Mama

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