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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cali Part One!

We were SOOO blessed to have a fabulous trip to California!  Not only was it Macie's first time at the beach, but it was the first time she met Aunt Holly, Uncle Clint and Cousin (ahem.  Fiance? Betrothed?) Aiden!  We got to spend 3.5 whole days with the Woesner's!  It was blissful!  What fun to spend time with my bestie, as Mommy's for the first time!  It was mello and fun and well, watching our kiddos together was the icing on the cake!!!

Aiden was SOOO sweet.  Not only did he Let Macie sit in his Bumbo to play, but he shared ALL his toys!
Look at the adorable smile on this boy!

Having breakfast.  Thank you Aiden for letting Macie sit in your high chair!
Aunt Holly took us to the COOLEST place!  It was a Jewish cultural center that had a HUGE exhibit of Noah's ark!  Very hand's on for kids and all the materials were made out of recycled parts!  The kids had a blast!  I love this pic of hottie mama Hol and her boy!
Listening to the tourguide

On the horse.  Its mane was made of brushes. :)

Digging up bones and other artifacts in the outdoor archeology area.

My beautiful babe chillin' at Aunt Hol's
Reading Macie's new book with Aunt Hol and AC
Ooooh!  That sand feels good!!!!

Mama and Macie-See the ark behind?

Cleaning up animal poo.  Don't worry it was fake. :) 
The kids all were obsessed with the poo!

On Monday I got to keep AC for part of the day while Holly worked! It was so much fun!  When she got home we went to a mall and walked around and then rode the train!  Aiden loved waving at mommy each time we went by!
That morning, Aiden helped me pic out Macie's hair accessory
Ready to play!


Going in for the smooch!
My bestie with her best boy and my girl

Is it wrong to arrange a marriage at 2.5 years and 7 months?

borrowing Aiden's towel  GRRRRR!
While Macie napped in the morning, Aiden and I relived our trip to the making a playdoh Noah's ark! Here is his posing by our work.

aren't they delicious?

One of Holly's fabulous friends had a 40th birthday.  At the Casbah! It was amazing!!!  I was so lucky to be invited to tag along to this swanky event! :)  Here's me and my girl ready to go!
Aiden showing Macie how to play with a ball

At the party so fancy and fun!


Thank you Holly, Clint and Aiden for hosting us and spoiling us with delicious food and a wonderful time!  We love you guys so much!!!

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