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Monday, December 17, 2012

10 months!

And now she's 10 months! This mama is having a REALLY hard time with the thought of my baby girl turning 1 in a few short weeks! It seems like only yesterday I learned I was pregnant, and then was awaiting her arrival last Christmas! How truly fast time flies!
After Macie began to crawl, it seems we didn't get to experience it long before only days later she was pulling herself up to her knees and then to standing.   I have to admit, I absolutely LOVE laying on the floor and letting her pull herself up on me. :) 
With moving and pulling up, comes a speedy course on childproofing this house!  Although we'd installed gates, it quickly became apparent that we needed to remove cords and other items we didn't want her getting into.  If there is somewhere she shouldn't be, this child will be there!  She recently discovered the doggie door and dog food, so we have to be extra careful when she ventures into the kitchen!  I have recently heard myself say "she's a handful!" on more than one occasion of late. 
Macie has also begun to open cabinets and I found her playing with the CDs (see video) which makes perfect sense since she is also taking a keen interest in music.  She loves her silly song cds (thanks Aunt Erin!) and shakes her arms and twirls her hands at the wrist and bounces whenever music comes on.  I make it a point to have music on each day and dance with her!  She loves it! 
I found a music class that ran for a couple of weeks and focused on holiday tunes.  Although I couldn't get pictures, trust me when I say she was the cutest in the class.  :)  She especially loved the Dreidel song (like mother like daughter!) She was the youngest, but absolutely loved playing the instruments, shaking the jingle bells and watching mommy toss the scarves into the air!  At one point during "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer" she started doing her little wrist twisty motion and the teacher said "Everyone, twist your hands like Macie!"  To which she smiled the biggest smile and did her "Ah ah ah" sound. :) 
I have several classes scheduled in January to try out and plan to get her enrolled in a weekly class.  I also found a dance class that begins at age 1, and when they are walking.  That I can't wait for!  I mean, hey, I started dance when I was 3, so why not start now? 
We also plan to get her enrolled in swimming lessons. 
Macie claps all the time and also distinctly signs "more."  She especially loves when we say "Yay Macie" to which she bounces, laughs and claps.  She loves playing peek-a-boo, especially when Daddy holds her and mommy disappears behind the wall and then re-appears.  She laughs and closes her eyes waiting for mommy to tickle her. 
Macie loves to take objects that make noise and clang them together.  She also has begun to jabber up a storm and her newest words end in "t" such as "Dat" and "Bot."  She loves when mommy sings "where is thumbkin?" and anticipates me saying "run away" and making my fingers tickle her back and bursts into giggles.   She loves pat-a-cake and loves when I say "put it in the oven for Macie and Mommy!" 
Finally, this month Macie has really begun to love taking clothes in and out of the laundry basket.  Not always the best help if they are clean....but adorable nonetheless. :)
Here are some pics and videos of this month!
Stinker who should be asleep!
10 months!

Telling her that her voice is croaky this particular day after her nap, she loves that word like her cousin Maddie!

A short/small example of her clanging and bouncing
Getting ready to go swimming with daddy
Playdate with Luce!

Playing with the nativity/advent calendar Grammy sent! She loves the little characters

Today we played with pots and pans.  This is her stirring her legos
Mommy voted when we were on our run

Getting into the no-nos.  CDs!
Stinker in pony tails

Playing drums with our pots and pans
We met Daddy for lunch one day

Big time stinker playing with furry sister!

Standing up and dancing!

Macie and the warden of baby jail (Daddy)

"Lemme outta here!"

Finger lickin' good!

Eatin' puffs
Up to NO GOOD!

We did two shoeboxes for "Operation Christmas Child." If you don't know about this charity, they send shoeboxes full of toys etc. to children in 3rd world countries.  We do it every year and its one of our favorite things! (Hello dollar section at Target!)  This year Macie "helped" mommy pack hers.  She really just wanted to sample all the toys.

Uh huh.  Helping.

I love the little "butt up in the air" baby pic. :)  You'll notice her hair is really growing too!

Jumperoo'd herself into sleep land.

Playing with her new lego set from Aunt Erin, Uncle Bubba, Maddie and Hannah!

We finally cleared the junk out of the basement (never mind that its all in the garage!) and painted, turning our odd-shaped "L" space into a playroom for Macie and her brother to come! :)  It turned out great!  Thanks Daddy for all your hard work! Macie LOVES it!
Our little princess of snow

Mama's sweet sweet girl!

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