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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Updated 9 month post! Videos show up now! :)

This month brought the distinct realization that indeed, our little one is nearing the end of the baby stage.  As a mother, I struggled greatly with this knowing, that no matter what, I could not turn back the hands of time, or even slow it down a little.

This month's major milestones were 1) Crawling!  And 2) A tooth (with another following closely)

This month we noticed along with many others that Macie's looks have changed.  Not longer is she the pudgy baby, but she is lengthening and developing the characteristics of a toddler!  After last months report of a wiggly baby making her Mommy afraid she was going to lose cuddling, she began to climb on me again and also laying her head on my shoulder.  The aching in my heart and distance I felt was replaced by allowing me to rock her again with her bottle.  Once her crawl picked up speed she also began crawling to Mommy and Daddy's legs and reaching up to be held.  AWWWWWWWWW Melt our hearts!

And with this month we were made keenly aware of a need to begin discipline.  As Macie crawls to furniture and grabs at cords and things that are no-nos, she turns to see if we are watching and smiles when we say no.  Its hard to be stern when its so darn cute! She also claps, especially when you exclaim "Yay Macie!" and loves music and books even more!
Here are a few fun videos!

Aunt Joan gave Macie these beautiful silver containers for her first haircut to save some hair, and for her first tooth.  She loves them!

This one and the next one are of macie when she was younger and I forgot to include but too cute not to share!

One game Macie loves to play is when Daddy holds her and Mommy peaks around to either side to see her.  She squeals each time Mommy's head pops up! :) 

We have loved playing with her animals and Mommy signs the proper sign for each (bear, duck, frog and dog).  Mommy asks Macie to pick one and mommy will sign.  One night when we went to play our game, Macie signed "duck!"   What a smartie pants!

Another fun game is when mommy pats her mouth to make an "AHHHHHH" sound!  This cracks her up! 

She is such a joy.  I used to think 6 months was my fave' age but even though she's getting to be quite a handful, I think I love this age best!  She's a riot! :)

Her 9 month appt. put her weight at 17.8 and 26.5 inches. 

Chomping on Mommy's little witchy from childhood.

Practcing...Christmas photo shoot!



First time in the leaves!

Dinner at the Blocks, playing with Zach

With Dada at work.

Yummmm! Mexican food lunch date with Daddy

First craft project with Mommy.  She ate the foam feet off the "thankful turkey"

Aunt Joan gave her these little silver containers for her first tooth and curl.  She loves playing with them!

Ready for some football!

First ever big puke!  Came from nowhere!  Daddy was a great sport!

See my first tooth?
Ready for the game, goofin around!

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