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Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas festivities!

What a fun holiday season!  Throughout, we have quickly realized our need for good babysitters! :)  Wishing the grandparents were closer. :)    Luckily, we have great friends who pitched in to help!
The owners and key people from Lee's company in Arizona flew out for a holiday party at Porcupine Grill!  It was so cool to see that the office had grown from 2 people to 7 employees and their spouses!  So fun!  This picture is Joyce and I.  Her hubby is the owner of TPI, and we've been close to their family for many years.  Joyce was responsible for the fabulous food at my baby shower in Utah!  She flew out to do it! :)
It was so much fun to hang out with her with Macie! :) Of course she brought presents!  You are so good to us Cruz family!

Next we had our church small group Christmas Party at our house.  Michael brought a yummy punch!  We all could only handle a glass of it. :) 

Our little house ready for guests.

Our baby tree.  Had to get a small one since a nearly 1 year old would pull down a regular one! :)

Joe Cracking us up!

The spread!  Lee made Kabobs, Marybeth made Paula Deen homemade cinnamon rolls (OMG!), Melissa made a wonderful spinach salad with amazing poppy seed dressing, the Andersons brought funeral potatoes, Nicki brought homemade Mac-n-cheese, and I made a Caresse salad, and we had our chocolate fountain in full flow with brownies, strawberries, rice krispie treats and pretzels for dipping!

Yummo!  James and Luke brought home brewed beer that they've been working on.  It was yum too!

Our dearest Utah friends.  Couldn't do life without them! 
L to R: Michael, (Daisie!) Vickie, Joe, Melissa, Marybeth (baby 2 month old Hugo is to the right out of sight) and James

These people make Utah for us! :) 
L to R: Luke, Nicki (they have little Zac and Lucy), Michael and Vickie (they were the first people we met at our church)

This picture was silly.  Lee put some chocolate on my nose. I didn't know it was there!

Kylie the chocolate nosed hostess...

We had a white elephant gift exchange.  Michael loved his wax santas! :)
We are so blessed by these people.  Michael opened and closed the night in prayer and we thanked Jesus for this time of  year, true friendships and Iron sharpening Iron.  Oh man how these women challenge me to be more like Jesus!!!  Love them!
Kicking myself that I didn't get a group shot!  UGH!

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