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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sneakin' my home!

Well, my awesome friend Amy gave me a buddy pass to fly CHEAP to Colorado Springs! We were trying to pick a time to have a girls weekend before I start my new job (July 12th=soon!) so we decided it might be easier for me to go there. Since Amy's days off are Tuesday and Wednesday, we decided that would work best so we could have ample girl time! These girls are two of my dearest friends and were in my small group in Colorado. Truly they were put in my life to be a support and to love me despite my shortcomings. I have not had as close friendships with anyone since my days in graduate school and college. Blessings they are to me! So, you can imagine my utter excitement at jumping on a plane and visiting after 9 long months! My hubby gave me his blessing despite money being tight, knowing we still don't have close friends in Utah (yet!) and how my heart desires such girl time. It is truly a NECESSITY for me as the way God has wired me requires this time. And wheeee doggie it was it fun!

I was nervous upon flying over my beloved Pikes Peak (oh how I loved conquering its 14,110 feet in a hike a couple of years ago!) and wondering how I would feel. As I was flying I felt the need to write well up in my chest. As has happened so many times before, countless thoughts and feelings were wandering around in my head and heart, and once again I felt I may burst if I did not write. And here I had nothing, not even a scrap of paper. I need to carry my journal with me more diligently but I think its still packed! So, expect another chapter of my book about 9 months in Utah and my feelings on what "home" means.

Wow! It was such an experience of nostalgia to go "home" after 9 months. And when I say "home" I do not use this word lightly. I ooohed and awwwwed at my old neighborhood, nail shop and starbucks (went twice! yum, Cafe vanilla light soy frappuchino! I may like coffee now!) made my heart do a flip flop. My heart fluttered when I saw my friends dogs and homes. I felt a twinge of sadness and a twist in my gut when driving around and looking at the changes. I inhaled the COOL air (it was about 84 in springs and 97 in SLC. MUCH hotter at my new abode). I sniffed some FRESH air. It was such a bittersweet trip. And although I didn't get too close to the mountains or take a hike this time around, I was with my two dear Colorado girls and it couldn't have been sweeter. Hanging with Julie's baby Addy, who was 3 months old when I left was a particular treat. She is nearly walking and turning one in a week so it was so much fun! Just starbucksing, shopping, eating, and watching movies was fantastic. And the girls cooked for me, and Amy and Karl had a barbeque and more church friends came over! It was such a reunion but I really missed Lee and I think they did too! It was the first place we moved to together and started over so our friends were OUR friends together. Next time he must come.

So all that said was Colorado home this trip? YES. Do I still feel Colorado is the closest thing to home I have ever experienced? YES. Do I hope we end up back there? YES. For now, Utah is home (and the mountains are actually closer and would be hard to give up) and we'll stick it out a bit longer. But, in my heart I know my home is where God has me and where my heart is, with Lee and our Daisie Lou.

Here are some pics of our fun!
This is a GREAT little find downtown Springs. I had their "pink suga" martini in the middle of the day! WHOOP! That was a strong one! :) Yummy food too!
Me with my girls Amy (middle) and Julie (right). I am holding Adalyn (Julie's little girl who was 3 months old when I left!!!) and the other two belong to other friends who had dropped them off for us to watch them as they went on their dinner date. Kadmen is just a few weeks old and Jonah is almost 3. Fun kiddos!

Me and my Kansas Girl Julie :)

Little Miss Adalyn Taylor!

Amy and Adalyn

Miss Addy. What a GREAT shopper and Starbuckser she is!

I had Addy in my room with me for a bit and was going to put on her adorable little outfit. She decided to do a cute pose for this picture. She's a HAM! :)

Emma-Daisie's best best friend in the entire universe! I swear, Emma was SOOOO exctied to see me, but then she was sniffing and looking around for Daisie. Daisie was equally as sniffy when I got home and knew I had seen her best friend and went looking around for her. These dogs were inseperable! Awwww, I miss getting them together for playdates!

More Shuga's

But what a GREAT TRIP! I am all ready to plan our return and seeing all my former work friends and family!!! It was too too short!

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