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Monday, July 5, 2010

Beauty all around

Well, Lee and I decided to get away for a little R and R. We packed up all of our great camping stuff and headed east of Park City about an hour and 20 minutes. I thought we'd have to go a bit further to find a mountain paradise. But I was wrong! Lee planned the whole thing and found us a great spot! I felt like I was in Colorado (ALMOST!)
It was great to camp out, cook out, and even though we froze our butts off, we had a great time.

Daddy making a shadow on Lou

Home Sweet Home

Grilled corn on the cob

Us at our campsite

The camp cook!
Menu: Burgers, beans and corn on the cob (and later-S'Mores!)

On Saturday I went on a hike up Bald Mountain. It was only a 2 mile hike each way, but it was a steep 2 miles to the top of the world! Utah's Uintah Mountains is known as the "Land of a thousand lakes" and you can see why when you get up to the top! It is beautiful!

At the top of Bald Mountain (almost!)

Ok, now it's the top! Look at the lakes!

View from the top was breathtaking!

That's me at the top but forgive the closed eyes and crazy hair. It was cold and windy!

I really loved having a 3.5 day weekend with my hubby. Not only did we camp, but we finally got the garage cleaned out and most of the rest of our stuff unpacked! We moved some stuff around and decorated the house some! Still have a LONG way to go, but it is starting to feel homey! :)

One view of living room

Fireplace area

Looking into dining area (going to put a mirror above the table)
We also heard from our Social Worker for the Homestudy! We will be meeting with her on Wednesday, July 21 at 6:30 pm. We decided to choose that date instead of the 14th since I start my new job Monday the 12th and we need to get some more paperwork done and begin to write our dreaded autobiographies (gasp!) Things are moving!!!

We are coming baby boy! (or girl!)

May not be blogging for a bit as I am starting my new job! And the next weeks of homestudy meetings and paperchasing will be nutty! You all are probably ready for a break anyway! :)

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