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Monday, July 19, 2010


Well, I am officially back to the working world. It hasn't been an easy adjustment. My body has been in a bit of a shock as I am transported back to "cubicle land." My sleep cycle is off. My blood sugar is off. My digestive tract is off. My urinary tract is off.

To summarize:

I'm just off.

How could I be SOOO tired from sitting at a desk for 8.5 hours? After one week of extreme fatigue and going to bed at 8:30, only to fight the same battle the next day, I decided today to do something about it. I started my new team walking twice per day. We walk for 30 minutes (today we logged about 2500 steps). I also brought homemade whole wheat flour/oatmeal/applesauce/organic blueberry muffins to work today. I tried to display an honest effort to practice what I preach and keep my blood sugar steady to ward away the headaches. My co-workers came in great masses for muffins and walking. They commended me and I already got an award that my boss saw. In one week!!!

I have also discovered that I LIKE going to the gym at 5pm. I used to hate it, now I CRAVE It. My body was made to move!

So what have I learned from this trying week? I have learned that I'm a non-profit girl as opposed to a corporate ladder climber. I love jobs where I do health fairs, presentations and move about. I've learned that I am not a cubical, computer, sit-all-day kinda girl. I learned that I am less tired when I have taught 3 hours of kids aerobics, and done my own 2-3 hour workout. I feel fabulous then. I learned that when I sit, my body reacts negatively.

But, the BIGGEST lesson I learned is that I will stick it out. And everyday equates to money to bring baby home. Lee reminded me I have already earned enough to cover the $800 fingerprint appointment.

And even better, I have learned that my new motto, pictures of Africa, taking my lunch in our fundraiser shopping bag, and talking with co-workers who have also adopted...ALL keep me going!!!

Lee and I came up with a new motto. I see is on my bathroom mirror. I see it in my car. I see it in my cubical. It is written on my heart. It makes me choose to force my feet to hit the floor everyday, instead of wanting to stay in bed.


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