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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Travel updates and pictures galore

I have been sooo blessed to do some traveling before I start my new job. First Montana to see my niece (again!), then Kansas, then Colorado, and now camping this weekend. Wishing BAD I could have squeezed in a trip to Vegas to see Tara and baby Avery. Soon.

I always have a wonderful time when I go home and try to squeeze in visits with many people and always run into someone out at Dillons, or QT, or shopping. This time we were busy throwing Holly a late shower/open house. Here are some pics of the celebration for the Woesner Family! I had such an amazing time meeting Aiden (CUTE-T-PIE!) and spending some serious quality time with Holly! The theme was zoo animals, since we had originally planned to hold the shower at the zoo but little Aiden decided to make his debut a bit early! :) Holly's friend Angie and I worked together and were amazed that even though we bought different things, everything was soooo color coordinated! :) It was so much fun!

I'm obsessed with Monkey stuff. I had to buy the monkey pen, and Holly loves Hippos! :)

Flower arrangements with little animals.

The busy activity table. One could 1) sign bday cards for Aiden through the years, 2) sign the guest book page (monkey paper), 3) write a bit of advice for the new parents for the scrapbook (blue book), and 4) address a thank you card envelope for Holly. Whew! Lots of fun stuff to do!

Nana Kay Kay and Aiden

The spread: Animal crackers, fruit, Monica's bundt cakes (YUMMO!), white and milk chocolate animals, and chocolate covered pretzels. As Angie said, we were all feeling "Barfy" by the end. :)

I found these adorable glycerin animal soap favors online. The tag said "Thank you for helping celebrate the Woesner family!"

The hostesses and the mommy of honor. L to R: Kylie, Holly and Angie.

And, since its been awhile since I updated on Maddie, I had to attach some photos! She is now almost 9 pounds!!! She has more than doubled in size and my sis sent me some pics of her today in an outfit I gave her! She is still tiny by the chart/newborn standards, but she is growing like a weed! She gained 26 ounces in 3 weeks!

Sweet face

Sleeping angel

Daddy whispers in my ear and I smile really big! (I look like my mommy in this one)

Tummy Time!

We bought her this outfit. I can't believe she is wearing it! Its 0-3 months and is still a little big but I can't believe she is in it! It used to look huge!

I smile now!

I give Daddy 5 for real!

SO Stinkin' cute if I do say so myself

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