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Monday, September 19, 2011

Fun baby things!

We have been MORE than blessed by all of the gifts we've already received for our little miracle baby girl. We have drawers full of items and have barely had to buy a thing! I can't wait to get everything washed and hung in the closet. :) We are just blessed beyond measure. We have also received tons of items for our little guy in Ethiopia. He has about 1/2 a closet full of fun stuff! :) God is sooooo good. :) It warms my heart to go into the nursery and hold the items close to my heart. BOTH of these babies are our PLAN A. God has no Plan B. Both are equal in our hearts...
Since I have shared little Africa baby's stuff in previous posts, I'll choose to share our bio baby's goodies in this one...I have been thinking of quality items that BOTH kiddos can use, so lots of this stuff will do for two! I LOVE that!

Daddy went to Disneyland in June and got this onesie for baby!
Onesie from Rachel and Mike and Mckayla DeVenuto. (I used to live in the condo below Mike and helped hook them up through church in Scottsdale. :) I absolutely LOVE looking at this and thinking about our baby in Africa. I can't wait till our little girl wears it in honor of her brother and hoping he can wear it too! :) I JUST LOVE IT!
Our crib. :) We love the furniture we scored on a great sale!
Lots of loot! Books, teething ring, Bumbo (from the Gunnells)
Our neighbor Lauren Gunnell brought over all her NICE baby clothes for us! Our baby is set! Two drawers full of skirts, shorts, dresses, jeans and shoes! OH. MY. HEAVENS.
I could cry these are SO cute!

Our dear friends the Cruz family sent us several packages over a few weeks. Each had a card with advice or a theme.
These shoes are to die for! Their ties are black ribbons!
This is her Diva outfit. I cannot wait to see our baby in this one! :)
LOVE this...the shoes match perfectly! The card said "Jesus loves little girls in pink!"
The card on this one said "every girl needs some DKNY"
Shoes from the Cruzs
The first gift was baby necessities. Onesies, bibs and sockies.
The second gift was from Gabby. She loves ducks so this was a duck themed gift. Adorable ducky layette.
This gift was handmade by Lee's co-worker's wife, Julie Stahler. It is a carseat cover and works on both sides. It is so close to our nursery colors! I absolutely LOVE this gift!
I could fill up a ton of pages of blogs with all the gifts we have received. We could not be more blessed. Grammy and Grampy gave us tons of sleepers and wonderful outfits before we knew we are having a girl. Grammy also bought some adorable baby girl outfits. Our dear adoption friend Tracy gave us some ADORABLE onesies and a travel bottle bag. Our friends the DeVenutos gave us an adorable onesie (see below) and a prayer book that Rachel authored! It is amazing! You should get one!!!

Kristi Perry (and Steven and Emma Paige) gave us "Goodnight Moon." Our neighbors, the Gunnells also gave us a Bumbo and Winne the Pooh and other books!
It is SO MUCH FUN to receive such wonderful gifts and dream of the day our baby girl will wear and use them! I have to admit I feel so blessed to be having a baby girl. I think baby girl stuff is just the most fun!

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