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Sunday, December 4, 2011


Lee and I were so blessed to be able to take 4 days to visit Zion National Park for a Babymoon. Lee had never been and I had fond memories of my trek through the park back in grad. school with my best friend Megan. We opted to go the posh route this time (as opposed to camping like I did the last time) and booked a room in Springdale the first night, followed by a cabin suite at Zion Mountain Ranch for the next two nights. We booked the "Romance Package" and loved it so much! It was a little bit out in the sticks, and at 8+ months pregnant that is a little scary, but we went for it and were NOT disappointed.
We hiked several (easy) trails and spent time shopping and looking and exploring. 2 full days at Zion afforded us the luxury of coming back to our cabin early to enjoy the sunset before dinner both nights. Of course we ventured back into Springdale on Sunday so I could shop in the local trading posts.
We felt as if we'd been coming and going lately, with trips and lots of activities, birthing classes and barely time to sit. We needed an escape to get away, re-connect and rest and the trip was PERFECT. It was worth the splurge and we had some of our best ever talks and laughs. Lee was a doll and pampered me the entire time. It was a blessed trip. We know our time as a couple is so limited and our lives are about to change drastically, so this was our chance to enjoy just us before we become a family of 4.
I apologize for all the pictures, I just couldn't narrow them down! :)

Love it!
Upper Pool Trail on the Emerald Pools Trail. I hiked this with Megan back in 2001 and loved it! :) It is a series of three pools practially stacked on top of eachother. Had to show Lee!
On the trail to Middle Pool
We had the camera timer down pat!
Back down
Falls dripping down from Middle Pool to Lower Pool
The OLD Tunnel we had to drive through several times

My FRESH delicious salad and pasta and chicken (no cheese!) dish the chef made just for me since I'm so picky!
Our "Romance Package" included a fancy dinner two nights, plus breakfast and pastry delivery. This restaurant boasts its own garden, needlesstosay the veggies were all FRESH! Yes, there was still some stuff growing! It was ALL delicious and it was HARD to come back to our non-gourmet food at home. :) We STUFFED ourselves the entire trip and never had a bad meal, no matter where we ate. We even had a Thanksgiving buffet dinner at "Wildcat Willies" in Springdale on Thanksgiving night that included Roast Beef, Ham, Smoked Turkey, all the fixins' and the BEST BLUEBERRY COBBLER EVER!
After breakfast. Go West Young Man!
Heading back into Zion

Love the start of a good arch
Beautiful Canyon!
Riverwalk Trail
Had to stop here. Lee was VERY good about not letting me over exert myself. Admittedly, I have a wild side to me and a risk-taker mentality. What do you mean I can't hike Angels Landing? (where the last .5 miles is steep and requires hanging onto a chain since 1500 foot drop offs surround the trail). Next time. :)
At this point the Riverwalk Trail becomes "The Narrows." You must dress for water hiking into the narrowest parts of the canyon. Definitely want to do this next time!

Canyon Overlook Trail
So beautiful! Loved this trail!
Me and Baby Girl restin' a spell

Gorgeous rocks!
The classic "under the National Park sign" pose (with a line of cars behind to do the same)
Our little ranch

Hello Mr. Buff

Spa Night before dinner! Forgot our big puffy robes but Lee brought my foot spa and masks ;) Made me a robe from 3 towels :)
Masked men
Our little cabin
View out the front door

Quaint little sunset viewing spot
Champagne tub
View out the window on the ranch

Our "Buffalo Champagne Suite" sat on a real-live Buffalo Preserve. 3 miles east of Zion National Park. It was SO quiet here. We watched the sunset two nights and watched as the buffalo stampeded by each night. Breathtaking!
Those mesa/rocks look are Zion!
Sunset again
Quick! Put the camera on a rock, set the timer and run over here!
Emerald Pools-Going up to second pool
Hiking Emerald Pools. First Pool

The Great White Throne
Three Patriarchs-Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
Fuelin' up for Baby girl

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