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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Waiting Room...

(The Christmas cards that we ordered from our adoption friends. Gina designed and printed them and the proceeds help their future trips to Ethiopia for mission work! Easiest cards I've ever done!)
It seems as though I have been spending an abundance of my time in a literal waiting room. Whether it is at the hospital, awaiting my twice weekly fetal monitoring, the waiting room of my doctor's office, waiting for a prenatal massage, or waiting at the chiropractor for weekly adjustments to help my aches and pains, there has been a whole lotta waiting going on... In a more figurative sense though, we're in the midst of the biggest wait of our lives...the "waiting room" to meet our little miracle baby girl.

Our Christmas was wonderful. Of course we missed our families desperately, but I honestly can't say that I missed the hoopla that comes with travel, etc. We enjoyed a quiet holiday, and I made many many sweets and ate most of them myself. :) Lee was great to be able to help me be distracted, we watched lots of old Christmas movies, and hung out a great deal. Christmas eve was especially blessed, we had dinner with our dear friends the Rudziks and attended a WONDERFUL Christmas eve service at a church near their home. The music was AMAZING and it was wonderful to attend a new service. I simply cannot do Christmas without going to church on Christmas eve. Its the one tradition that I hold so dearly. After church, we visited our sweet neighbors the Tafts at their new home. They have moved from across the street and we sure miss them! This is the family that lost their husband/father unexpectedly last year, and Lee has formed a sweet bond with their youngest Clayton. We stopped by to see their new house and check on them and it was especially blessed. Their new house is beautiful and we feel grateful that their new place is only about a mile away. Lee exchanged cell phone #s with Clayton and the kids, and already has seen and spoken to Clay twice since that night. :) It still warms my heart to see their special bond. On Christmas day Lee found an indoor miniature golf joint that was actually open and we enjoyed a crowdless day at the indoor arcade. I REALLY wanted to roller skate, but guess that isn't an option for awhile. :) Lee has had the week between Christmas and New Year's off of work, and although he's gone in for a little bit everyday (he is so dedicated!) we have enjoyed being together with lots of downtime...Can't say that we've totally prepared the dirty house for baby girl's arrival, but we've been getting last minute shopping and some projects completed.

As for me, can I just tell you how absolutely READY I am to have this child? Of course having her in December would mean she would literally cost us nothing (my insurance deductibles and coinsurance amounts are met for this year) and be a tax deduction, and I am miserable at this point in my pregnancy...but honestly I'm just SO ready to see her precious face! :) Everything is ready...I packed my bag, hers, got a manicure, pedicure, hair done, massage, and well, WE are ready. Bottom line is that she isn't and that's ok. We're lucky that we know God has this birth in his hands! :) And, we're confident and sure that she'll come when its right. No need to rush her here artificially.

So, we wait. And wait. And wait. And cherish our last days with eachother. And try to practice our relaxation and breathing. And I lay in bed and enjoy her last kicks in my belly. That will be what I miss the very most. Feeling her move and having her safely inside before we bring her into this big ole' scary but beautiful world.

Christmas Morning
Yule Log music
Daisie sniffing out a "Grammy/Grampy treat"
Our pretty tree. We opted to not go all Martha-Stewarty this year and do our gold/red tree. We went for the eclectic, use-all-Kylie's-ornaments-from-her-whole-life tree. :)
Ready for Christmas
Lee grabbed pic of my belly. I'm eating a sweet treat I'm sure...
Our furry baby with her Uncle Patchie's sweater Grammy sent
New additions-Clarice nad Hermey with Rudolph
"Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer" is my absolutely fave' Christmas flick! I have been collecting these figures for years! :) They quit making them, but luckily some people were selling them on Ebay for cheap so I got couple new ones to add to my collection. (See above)
WOAH! Wobble girl making a putt. :)
My husband playing the "air golf club" while some rocking music played...
OY VEY! 38.5 weeks!

39 weeks in jammies from Holly!

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