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Thursday, May 17, 2012

3 month update!

Macie has grown literally before our eyes. What seemed to fit her perfectly one week, quickly becomes too short or tight days later. It is unbelieveable to see the changes!

Since the last update Macie has continued to love her play gym! She reaches for the monkey and talks to him, making gurgles, coos and razzes. Her smile is so common now, that we know she isn't herself if it isn't apparent. :) Her smile lights up her whole face! Noone gets a better smile out of her than Daddy! :) We've also just begun to see the start of laughing. When we do "YMCA" with her arms, or tell her to "Ride your bike faster, faster, faster" with her legs, she grunts and shakes as she tries to laugh. MELT. MY. HEART.

We seem to have turned the corner on the colic stage. We weren't sure what was normal, but now we know we did in fact have a quite fussy baby. We're grateful we have been able to soothe her and never felt overwhelmed. Now, we are enjoying the fruits of our patience...and happy, joyful, kicking, flapping, giggly little girl!

Macie's accomplishments are plenty!  In the past month she has begun to hold things and absolutely loves anything with monkeys on it!  Just like daddy, she thinks monkeys are fabulous!  If they are her monkey footed jammies, she stares at them.  If she sees her gym monkey she razzles and coos, if she has monkey socks she stares.  Every single time she sees a monkey she talks to him/her the same way.  Its amazing!

Macie is very busy and active!  She loves to look at EVERYTHING!  She also gets annoyed if we expect her to stay in one place too long.  It saddens this mama's heart that she often prefers playing on a blanket to mommy holding her. Sniff sniff.  Our little angel is growing up!

I have been back at work for  month!  I absolutely DREADED the return but thankfully, my co-workers made it slightly better.  Prior to returning I spent many a night sobbing by her cribside and cuddling extra moments while tasks around the house remain undone. Please forgive the delay in getting thank yous and birth announcements out, my only excuse is cuddling with my babe.   :)
I have waited for this child my entire life. Caring for her is what I feel I was born to do! I grow more in love with this child every second. Lee and I feel overwhelmed with our affections for her and stare in disbelief that she is even ours!

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