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Friday, May 4, 2012

Catching up!

Here are a few photos of Macie between 2 and 3 months of age!


Macie LOVES monkeys!  Seriously.  This monkey is her favorite thing!  It instantly calms here and goes everywhere with us!  She loves her Sock Monkey from Cousin Tyler and also loves her monkey jammies best b/c she can look at her feet (which are monkeys!) :)

Turning 3 months!

There's a baby in my bed! 

Post Easter Dress Outfit!  Snuggle bunny outfit from Aunt Debb

Wearing Mommy's sweater and baby bonnet!

BIG girl!

Macie is becoming a wiggle worm!  I turned for a minute and came to find her having scooted off her play gym mat and her foot caught in the rings!  Well folks!  She's mobile!  She wanted to see the jumpy seat toys in the corner!

Play group!  BFF Lucy!

Ducky Outfit from Aunt Joycee and Lil' Gabs!

Miss Tropical!

Daisie says "I love my sister but can you give me some attention?"

First trip to Church in Kansas

Practicing for photo shoot outfit from cousins Debb and Kim

Hanging with Mommy
Macie trying out her new Baby Einstein, not quite ready

Love my furry sister!

Towel baby

Fishy bottom.  Outfit from Grandmommy Gail

Neighbor Grady LOVES Macie and visits often

Macie favors her left foot (do we have a southpaw on our hands?) and this is a video of her when I was doing aerobics in the basement. :)

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