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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Macie's first trip to Kansas

Macie and I traveled to Kansas the last week of March.  It was so much fun to see tons of friends and family, go to church, and of course, show off our little treasure.  Macie did great on the plane (a few melt-downs on the long layovers but was thankful for the time to take care of her needs and not rush) and loved Grammy and Grampys house and all the new things to look at.  And, Macie began to SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT ON THIS TRIP!

Macie loved the new play gym Grammy got her!

Grampy was a good babysitter

 We went up to Manhattan and stayed in Kerry's new house in Junction City!  Its sooo cute!  She made us dinner and we hung out.  Makenna, Dana and Aunt Peggy came over and finally met Macie.  They were very excited!
Makenna LOVED Macie.  She was so excited to meet her after all these months of waiting!

Makenna, Dana and Macie

Makenna thought it a dress worthy event-Meeting Macie

Kerry got lots of 1 on 1 time with Miss Macie Bear

Kerry drove me around my old stomping grounds at K-state
I kept saying "I'm tripping" as I saw everything from College! 

Had to post this dog sitting in the drivers seat of this car!  LOL

We went to cousin Tara's baby shower for Kinsley Rose and Macie was a hit!  This is Aunt Delores holding her

Adorable themed shower "Things that go pop!"

We got to have lunch with Brenda, my dear sweet adoption friend and her son Elias.  Elias loved meeting Macie.

Brenda, Elias and Macie

Adorable Tara and me

Tara and Macie

Brenda and I after dining with our kiddos at Bella Luna

Tom and Chris came to visit!
Whole Fam at the shower

Practicing for the photo shoot-Outfit from Debbie and Kimbo

Macie and Makenna

New outfit for the shower, had a blow out right before! Ha!

Smiles for Grammy

Hanging at Aunt Peggys house before the shower

All ready for the shower (first outfit!)

Uncle Sal comes to visit

Christie comes to visit

Quality time with Aunt Peggy


Kerry Bear and Macie Bear

Grammy and Macie

Kansas Makes me TIRED! Zzzzzzzzz

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